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May 12, 2008

The Gazette & Weekly Calendar is published every Monday of the academic year and the first Monday of each month during the summer. The deadline for each edition is 5 p.m. on the Wednesday before distribution. Please submit news and announcements in writing to the Communications Office, Bomberger 104, or e-mail to  For back issues of the Gazette, see the Gazette Archive

Student Achievement

Phi Beta Kappa Announced
Thirty-eight Ursinus students were elected to membership in Ursinus’ Tau of Pennsylvania chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.  An induction ceremony for the new members will be held on Friday, May 16, at 2:30 p.m. in Bomberger Hall.  A reception will follow in the Berman Museum of Art.

The inductees include two members of the Class of 2009, chosen to receive as juniors, an honor that is usually conferred upon seniors.  They are Nina Casella and Bonnie Kaas.  All join four members of the Class of 2008, who also received this honor as juniors.  They are Steven Buss, Joshua Eikenberg, Joseph Santora and Carolyn Vogt.

Members of the Class of 2008 who are newly elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most widely known undergraduate honors organization, are:  Mohsin Ali, Noelle Bisinger, David Chamberlain, Renee Chiodo, Courtney Collins, Kathryn Davidson, Alissa Doberczak, Ashley Drogalis, Emily Files, Matthew Flyntz, Samantha Frank, Katie Fritz, Laura Glace, Carly Haines, David Hamalian, Megan Helzner, Ashley Higgins, Christine Keough, Scott Kulp, Andrew Mangler, Ivy McDaniels, Marisa Meana, Andrew Miller, Priya Patel, Erin Pollard, Ashley Potter, Eric Relvas, Sarah Schott, Daniel Sergeant, Joshua Solomon, James Sproule, Meredith Stabley, Michael Taggart, Bridget Taylor, Heather Turnbach, Kori Weinberger.

Two Ursinus alumni were also elected to membership by the Chapter, Ursinus faculty who are Phi Beta Kappa members.  They are Paul Doughty '52 and Craig Heller '65. 

Ursinus Honor Societies Elect Members
Cub and Key, Ursinus’ honor society for men, and The Whitians, Ursinus’ honor society for women, have elected new members.

Newly-elected to Cub and Key are juniors Kevin Bench, Eric Burnett, Benjamin Cappa, Andrew Clark, Philip Davis, Dane DiFebo, Joseph Ellwood, Anthony Formica, Ian Jordan, Christopher Miller, John Noonan, Ashley Panicker, Christopher Reeves and Ryan Wennell.

Senior members are Stephen Buss, David Chamberlain, Sage Corwin, Christopher Curley, Matthew Flyntz, Joseph Joyce, Dereck Lafontant, Andrew Miller, Alexander Morris, John Noonan, Mark Robidoux, Daniel Sergeant, James Sproule, Julian Stine, Zachary Tompkins,

Newly-elected to the Whitians are juniors Peri Alpay, Sarah Beltrami, Elizabeth Brennan, Kari Ann Duck, Bonnie Kaas, Amy Kiyota, Krithika Krishnarao, Amanda Leatherman, Stephanie Martins, Kerry McCarthy, Ann McShane, Laura Ng, Lisle O’Neill, MaKaya Russick, Amy Scott, Tracey Smith, Carmelina Staino, Karin Swartz, Kelsey Threatte and Stephanie  Weir.

Senior members are Amber Adkins, Julie Balko, Gina Barbieri, Alina Bishop, Alissa Doberczak, Emily Files, Alexandra Gaustad, Laura Glace, Megan Helzner, Amy Lynch, Marisa Meana, Erin Pollard, Ewa Siedlecka, Allison Stouch, Heather Turnbach, Carolyn Vogt and Anastasia Wohar.             

2008 Commencement Awards
The ACM Prize for Service and Excellence in Computer Science:  Christin D. Rodgers, ’11 
The Alumni Senior Award:  Amber Reneé Adkins, ’08; Francesco Giulio Vincent Di Meglio, ’08
The American Chemical Society Award:  Ewa Maria Siedlecka, ’08 
The American Chemical Society Award in Analytical Chemistry:  Bonnie M. Kaas, ’09
The American Chemical Society Award in Organic Chemistry:  David M. Darmon, ’10 and Christina M. Lippe, ’10
The American Institute of Chemists Award:  Lisa Kimberly Buckley, ’08
The Cyrus E. Beekey Prize:  Priya P. Patel, ’08; Joseph James Santora, Jr., ’08  
The Frederick M. Binder Award:  Megan Lin Helzner, ’08 
The Biology Teaching Assistant Award:  Kenton Tyler Woodard, ’08
The Boeshore Prize:  Jennifer L. Ingrassia, ’10
Chemistry Laboratory Technique Award:  Amy Jean Lynch, ’08
The Compton/Rose Prize:  Corinne Elaine Coates, ’08; Perrin Lee Moses, ’08 
The CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award:  Kathryn M. Maselli, ’11 
The Alfred L. Creager, ’33, Prize:  Joshua Lee Solomon, ’08
The Cub and Key Prize:  Lucas Erik Chaloupka, ’11; Joseph William Galie, ’11;
Colin Geoffrey Ottinger, ’11; Zachary John Traino, ’11
The J. Douglas Davis Prize:  David S. Hamalian, ’08
The Louis A. DeCatur Prize:  Ivy McDaniels, ’08
The George Ditter Prize:  Laura Ann Glace, ’08 
The Geoffrey Dolman Prize in Creative Writing:  Daniel Paul Sergeant, ’08
The Duttera Prize:  Lauren J. Schaeffer, ’09
The Ehret Prize:  Brandon Thomas Evans, ’08; Sarah Elizabeth Hennessey, ’08;
Dane S. Mangin, ’08; Allyson Carmareth Shicora, ’08
The Excellence in Dance Award:  Katie Louise Stirba Fritz, ’08; Danielle Victoria Langdon, ’08 
Exercise and Sport Science Outstanding Young Professional:  Nicholas Tyler Racich, ’08
Exercise and Sport Science Scholar Award:  Melissa Leigh Garman, ’08
The Faculty Prize for a Promising Sophomore in Computer Science:  Ryan N. Morrow, ’10
The Faculty Prize for a Promising Sophomore in Mathematics:  Jennifer Heavener, ’10; Jordan I. Mitchell, ’10
The Faculty Prize for an Outstanding Student Pursuing Teacher Certification in Mathematics:  Sara Marie McNally, ’08 
The Faculty Prize in Biology:  Bonnie M. Kaas, ’09; Theresa Marie Leichner, ’08; Emily R. Mercandante, ’10; Andrew David Miller, ’08; Christopher R. Miller, ’09; Shoji O. Samson, ’10
The Faculty Prize in Computer Science:  Scott Andrew Kulp, ’08 
The Faculty Prize in Mathematics:  Ashley Lordon Potter, ’08 
The Professor George C. Fago Prize:  Erin Louise McHugh, ’08 
The Philip H. Fogel Memorial Prize:  Jennifer Lyn Mingolello, ’08
The French Award:  Alissa Marie Doberczak, ’08; Christine Marie Keough, ’08; 
The German Award:  Kathryn Louise Davidson, ’08; Aaron Robert Gaspar, ’08; Laura Ann Glace, ’08
The Thomas P. and Frances T. Glassmoyer Scholastic Award: Stephen Paul Buss, ’08
The Olive Sargeant Hamm Award:  Lindsay Ann Cappa, ’08
The Robin Blood Harris, ’56, Memorial Prize:  Ashley Nicole Drogalis, ’08
The Horioka Latin Prize:  Jessica Mae Zawacki, ’08
The Japanese Award:  Daniel A. Nichols, ’09; Richard Edmund Veale, ’08
The Ronald C. Kichline Prize:  Kaitlin Elizabeth Glenn, ’08; Matthew Joseph Granteed, ’08; Jessica Loren Hartline, ’08; Brian John Hrynczyszyn, ’08
The Jan Lawrence Lange Award:  Suzanne V. Stepanek, ’08
The Laughlin Award:  Renee Julia Chiodo, ’08 
The William L. Lettinger Chemistry Award:  Michael Ryan Norris, ’08
The Library Director’s Award:  Elizabeth Leigh Angelo, ’08 
The MAA Prize for Service and Excellence in Mathematics:  Angela M. Berardinelli, ’10; Nadine A. Burtt, ‘10
The Elizabeth Rockefeller McCain Prize:  Nicole L.M. Feight, ’10; Cara M. Saraco, ’10 
The Barbara Olmo McInnis 1957 Prize:  Alexandra Ann Gaustad, ’07
The Linda L. McIntyre Award:  Kira M. Oldham-Curtis, ’10; Lauren A. Davis, ’10
The Merck Index Award:  Katherine Elizabeth Cantwell, ’08
The Professor Eugene H. Miller Prize:  Kathryn Louise Davidson, ’08; David Saunders Chamberlain, ’08
The Jessie Ashworth Miller Prize:  Erin Marie Pollard, ’08 
The Wayne F. Millward, ’57, Memorial Prize:  Alia Estrada Dixon, ’08 
The Mary Onopchenko, ’85, Memorial Prize:  Joseph Leonard Gentilcore, ’08 
The Outstanding Biology Research Award:  Julie A. Balko, ’08
The Paisley Prize:  Courtney Ellen Collins, ’08
The Parsons Prize:  Stephen Paul Buss, ’08            
The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Prize:  Nozomu Hirose, ’08
The Peters Prize:  Christa M. Johnson , ’09
The Professor William J. Phillips Prize:  Rebecca Ann Reeser, ’10
The Margot and Richard P. Richter Prize:  Bridget Taylor, ’08
The W.W. Smith Prize:  Kathryn Louise Davidson, ’08; Perrin Lee Moses, ’08
The Professor Evan S. Snyder Prize:  Travis Ray Baugher, ’08
The Spanish Award:  Sheila Marie Marrero, ’08 
The Tau of Pennsylvania Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa Sophomore Award:
Abbie R. Cichowski, ’10
The Robert Trucksess Prize:  Matthew Edmund Flyntz, ’08
The Teresa L. Urban Leadership Award:  Sage Corwin, ’08
The Wagman Prize:   Joseph Richard Joyce, ’08 
The Wall Street Journal Award:  James Phillip Jeffrey Sproule, ’08 
The Professor Elizabeth B. White Award:  Emily Lynn Files, ’08
The Whitian Prize:  Martina Dzuna, ’11; Ashley Nichole Green, ’11; Danielle Melissa Kimmel, ’11; Saumya Mohanadas Kurup, ’11; Calla Elizabeth Mattox, ’11; Melissa Bethanne Pankake, ’11; Zannah Etvi Pierce, ’11; Carolyn M. Smith, ’11
The William B. Williamson Prize in Philosophy:  Zachary Trice Tompkins, ’08  

Arts & Lectures

Ursinus Exhibition to Focus on How the Eye Perceives Art
“In the Moment:  Paintings by Richard Goldberg” will bring a retrospective compilation of oil paintings, carefully rendered by the artist to manipulate the eye, to the Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College.  A retired eye surgeon and Ursinus Class of 1958 alumnus, Goldberg has turned to painting and lecturing about the impact of eye disorders on perception.   The exhibition will be on view in the Museum’s Upper Gallery from May 27 through Aug. 17.  An opening reception will be held on June 8 from 2 to 4 p.m.

“Eye to Eye,” a lecture by the artist, as well as specialists in eye disorders such as cataract, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, will be held in conjunction with the exhibition on Wednesday, June 25, at 7 p.m. in the Museum.  The speakers will also include an artist educator who is blind and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Director of Special Needs.  They will discuss common ocular disorders and the way in which an individual with such issues perceives a painting.  There will be opportunities for attendees and speakers to mix directly during a brief reception after the formal program.

As a retired ophthalmologist/surgeon, Goldberg believes art and medicine go hand in hand in the healing process.  Since 1985, he has completed two canvases a year, and in 1999 he began his artistic career in earnest.  While self-taught, he was influenced by an art teacher at Philadelphia’s Central High School and Philadelphia painters Sam Maitin and Barry Snyder.

Campus News in Brief

Baccalaureate and Commencement
Baccalaureate will be held on Friday, May 16, at 5 p.m. in Bomberger Auditorium, followed by a reception on Olin Plaza.

The Baccalaureate speaker is the Rev. Dr. Jerry Young, pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church in Jackson, Miss.  A distinguished civic leader in Jackson, he was cited by the Senate of the State of Mississippi in 1999 in a resolution recognizing and commending his civic and charitable service to his city, state and nation.  The Rev. Dr. Young has served as an inspiring and gracious host to the Ursinus College students who traveled through the South to study the Civil Rights movement. 

Commencement will be held on the campus front lawn on Saturday, May 17, at 10 a.m., The student speaker selected for this ceremony is Sage Corwin, to be introduced by Terry Kennedy, senior class president.

The commencement speaker is James Fallows, the national correspondent for The Atlantic magazine.  Fallows has worked for the magazine for more than 25 years.  A 1970 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard University, he studied American history and literature and served as the president of The Crimson.  He studied American history and literature as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

Fallows has written on a wide range of topics, including national security policy, American politics, the development and impact of technology, economic trends and patterns and U.S. relations with the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the world.  His first book, ‘National Defense,” received the American Book Award in 1981.  His other books include “More like Us:  Making America Great Again” (1989), “Looking at the Sun:  The Rise of the New East Asian Economic and Political System” (1994) and “Blind into Baghdad:  America’s War in Iraq” (2006).

Meditation Group Meets
The Ursinus Meditation Group will meet this week through Thursday, May 15, at 7:30 a.m. in Bomberger Meditation Chapel.

Auction of Artists’ Work Will Support Berman Expansion
A special silent/live auction Friday, June 6, will cap several festive events this year supporting the planned expansion of The Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College. Titled the “Berman Museum of Art(ist’s) Auction,” the auction will feature works donated by artists who have exhibited at the Museum.

The 6:30 p.m. program in the Main Gallery will include cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and music by Mascaro-Newman duo. The public is welcome. Tickets are $50 per person. Please contact Suzanne Calvin at the Museum, 610-409-3500, to reserve a place.

The event will give the community the opportunity to bid for works of art by the talented artists who have exhibited at the Berman Museum in the past. All proceeds will benefit the expansion of the museum to house and make accessible the permanent collection, create educational space, and develop a formal outdoor sculpture garden to complement the permanent outdoor sculpture collection.

More than 20 artists who have contributed their work to date, and others are expected to be included. Artists: include Andrea M. Baldeck, David Brewster, William Campbell, Lee Cohen, Maureen Drdak, James Fuhrman, Mike Hale, Theodore Hallman Sr., Zhe Ziou Ziang, Debrah Jospe, Sally Grizzell Larson, Enid Mark, Helen Mirkil, Ilse Helfferich Munzinger, Ellen Priest, Robert Reichley, Doris Sams, Dorla Dean Silder, Constance Moore Simon, Susan Swinand, Steve Tobin and Barbara Zucker.

The museum opened in 1989 in the historic 1921 building that was formerly Alumni Memorial Library. Its permanent collection is home to many of the artists who generously donated their work for the auction. The Berman Museum of Art has become an educational and cultural resource since the late Philip and Muriel Berman, business leaders and philanthropists, sought a home for their extraordinary collections of contemporary sculpture, American paintings and works on paper and folk art, to join a collection of 18th and 19th Century American and European paintings which had been collected by the College. Today, the Museum houses more than 3,000 notable works of art and attracts 35,000 visitors annually.

Faculty Achievement
Friedman at Ginsberg Anniversary
Amy Friedman, lecturer in English, participated as a Distinguished Beat scholar on a panel at West Chester University’s Contemporary Issues Series to mark the 50th anniversary of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl.”  The evening event, on 31 March, also featured a showing of the documentary, “The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg.”

Goetz Book Forthcoming
Stewart Goetz, professor of philosophy, will have his book on free will published by Continuum Press of London.

Weekly Calendar

Monday, May 12
7:30  a.m. Ursinus Meditation Group  Bomberger Meditation Chapel

Tuesday, May 13
7:30  a.m. Ursinus Meditation Group  Bomberger Meditation Chapel

Wednesday, May 14
7:30  a.m. Ursinus Meditation Group  Bomberger Meditation Chapel

Thursday, May 15
  Last Day of Finals
  Track & Field at ECAC Outdoor Track and Field Championships Springfield, MA
7:30  a.m. Ursinus Meditation Group  Bomberger Meditation Chapel

Friday, May 16
  Track & Field at ECAC Outdoor Track and Field Championships
Springfield, MA
10:00 a.m. Faculty Meeting Olin Auditorium
1:30 p.m. Commencement Rehearsal Front Lawn
2:30 p.m. Phi Beta Kappa Induction Bomberger Auditorium
5:00 p.m. Baccalaureate Bomberger Auditorium
  Reception Following

Saturday, May 17
10:00 a.m. Commencement Campus Front Lawn  
3:00 p.m. Residence Halls Close

Sunday, May 18

Monday, May 19
  Grant-Funded 10-Week Summer Fellows Begins

Tuesday, May 20
10:00 a.m. Freshmen Advising Workshop Thomas 324

Thursday, May 22
  Track & Field at NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships UW-Oshkosh
9:00 p.m. Academic Standards and Discipline Corson Board Room
1:00 p.m. Faculty Meeting Olin Auditorium

Friday, May 23
  Track & Field at NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships UW-Oshkosh

Saturday, May 24
  Track & Field at NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships UW-Oshkosh

Tuesday, May 27
  Opens:  “In the Moment:  Paintings by Richard Goldberg”  Berman Museum, Upper Gallery

Thursday, May 29
9:00 a.m. Board of Trustees Meeting
2:00 p.m. Early Bird Events:  Class of 1958 Reunion

Friday, May 30
  Alumni Academy and Reunions 
9:00 a.m. Board of Trustees Meeting

Saturday, May 31
  Alumni Academy and Reunions

Sunday, June 1
  Alumni Academy and Reunions

Monday, June 2
  June Gazette & Weekly Calendar Issued
  Summer Fellows 8-Week Program Begins

Wednesday, June 4
  Freshmen Orientation

Friday, June 6
  Freshmen Orientation
6:30 p.m. “Berman Museum of Art(ist’s) Auction”
   Berman Museum, Main Gallery

Sunday, June 8
2:00 p.m. Opening Reception:  “In the Moment:  Paintings by Richard Goldberg”   Berman Museum, Upper Gallery



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