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Quick Start and FAQ Guide

Q. How do I set up my extension and my password? If you are using your phone for the first time, the phone’s display will most likely read “Available”, which means you can place calls but not receive them.

  1. Press Voice Mail.
  2. Dial the extension number assigned to you.
  3. If your administrator assigned you a password, enter it now (otherwise enter the default password of 1234), and press #
  4. Enter a new 4-26 digit password followed by #. Repeat to confirm your password.
  5. Speak your name and press #; then press one of the following keys to select your option:
    •  # Accept
    • 1 Review
    • 2 Re-record
    • 3 Delete
    • * Cancel
  6. Press 7 for voice mail options.
  7. Press 3 to re-assign the extension, then press 1
    You are now logged in. Your phone can receive calls, and you can check for new messages.

Q. How do I assign my extension to a phone?

  1. Press Voice Mail hard button on your Phone.
  2. At the prompt enter your Extension and Password and #.
  3. Press 7 Change Mailbox Options
  4. Press 3 Re-assign your extension
  5. Press 1 to Assign your extension from this phone

Q. How do I log off (un-assign my extension)?

  1. Press Voice Mail hard button on your Phone
  2. At the prompt enter your Password and #.
  3. Press 7 Change Mailbox Options
  4. Press 3 Re-assign your extension
  5. Press 2 to un-assign (log off) your extension from this phone  

Q. How do I record my personal greeting?

  1. Press Voice Mail or lift the handset and press #.
  2. At the prompt, use the dial pad to enter your password plus #.
  3. From the Main Menu press 7
  4. Press 1 and begin recording your personal greeting at the tone
  5. Press # when you are done recording.

Q. How do I select or change my ring tone? You can choose between four distinctive ring tones to help you distinguish your phone from neighboring phones.

  1. Press Options button, then enter your password, then press the OK soft key.
  2. Scroll to select the Change Ring option.
  3. Press the Edit soft key.
  4. Use the Scroll button to select the ring you want to hear, then press the Ring soft key. \
  5. Press the OK soft key when you’ve chosen the ring you want. Press Done.Q. How do I change the ring or listening volume?

Pressing the up or down arrows on the Volume button adjusts:
The Volume of your phone’s ring: while the handset is on the hook
The listening volume: while the handset is off the hook

Q. How do I place a call? 

  • To place an internal call: pick up the handset or press the speakerphone button, and dial the extension.
  • To place an external call: dial the trunk access code (e.g., dial “9” first), then the phone number.

Q. What are the shortcuts and options when leaving a message? When you are leaving a message, press:

  1. # To bypass the greeting and leave a message; hang up to send it.
  2. O To transfer to the assistant.
  3. 9 To transfer to the auto-attendant. After recording your message, you can press # and select from one of the following addressing options:
    • # Send the message
    • * Cancel
    • 1 Review
    • 2 Re-record
    • 3 Mark / unmark urgent Hanging up will automatically send your message.

Q. How do I use the directory? You can use the Directory to find phone numbers on your network by pressing the Directory button, then:

  1. Dial the first few letters of the person’s first or last name to have the Directory narrow the number of entries for you. Press the Dial soft key to dial the number. Or,
  2. Press the up or down arrows on the Scroll button next to the display to select the desired name. Press the Dial soft key to dial the number.

3. If you have Personal Call Manager (PCM) for Shoretel installed on you PC you can create a directory listing that you can email or print.

  • Open PCM for Shoretel
  • Go to the “Directory” tab and press ctrl-A to select all entries
  • Then right-click to “Export all”
  • Choose the “Export to a tab delimited text file…” option and remember where you save the file. (ex.: name.txt)
  • Open E
  • Drag and drop your file into Excel while its open.  Presto!  Instant List!
  • Just format and make it look pretty and its ready to print.

4. You can also call directory entries through PCM by double clicking on them!

        **Contact IT if you need PCM installed

Q. How do I send an inbound call to voice mail?

  • When an incoming call arrives, a To VM soft key becomes available.
  • Press the To VM soft key to send the caller directly to your voice mailbox.

Q. How do I transfer a call? To transfer a call from your extension to another number:

  1. Press the Transfer button on your phone
  2. At the prompt, dial the number (or use the Directory to find the party), and then do one of the following:
    • Complete a blind transfer by pressing the Transf soft key.
    • Send the call to the recipient’s voice mailbox by pressing the More soft key and then pressing To MB.
    • Consult with the recipient first by pressing the Conslt soft key to speak with the recipient (your caller is placed on hold). After the consultation:
      • press the Yes soft key to complete the transfer, or
      • press the Cancel soft key to cancel the transfer and return to the original call

Q. How do I create a conference call?

  1. Dial the first party in your conference call.
  2. Press Conference to put the call on hold.
  3. At the prompt, dial the second party’s extension, or use the Directory to find the right party.
  4. Press the Confrn soft key to ring the second party. When they pick up, all your calls will be joined into one conference.

Q. What if I want to use my current headset?

  • You may plug your existing headset into your new ShoreTel phone as long as the jack of your headset matches the opening of your phone.
  • If you have questions about the compatibility of your existing headset, please contact your system administrator.

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IP Phone System

The ShoreTel IP Phone system at Ursinus provides all of the standard functions of telephone handsets and adds new functions that will allow you to operate many features of your phone with the click of your mouse on your computer.