Matt Baron InternshipChristopher Fox, 2013

Media and Communication Studies Major

Quick Facts

Sitecats Web Development
Customer Service Associate
Doylestown, PA
Summer 2012, unpaid



Christopher Fox, a Media and Communications major, participated in an internship this past summer at Sitecats Web Development in Doylestown, PA. Sitecats offers website building and hosting to their clients.  They then train the clients on how to maintain their website on their own. Fox’s main task was content porting. This entailed taking content from a client’s old website, proofreading and reformatting the content, and then working with the Sitecats staff to move it on to the new website as it was being built. Some of the major projects he worked on were for Grounds4Good and North Penn YMCA. When he wasn’t content porting Fox helped handle customer emails, keeping clients informed of the status of their project. “At one point I was training clients on how to edit and use their new website,” Fox said. This was one of the concluding steps in a project. “I always tried to go above and beyond, pitching ideas on how to handle the Twitter and Facebook account, places to look for new clients, and by the second or third week I had distinguished myself as a valuable member and not just as an intern moving content from one place to another."

Skills Utilized

Maintaining strong and regular communication with the client was essential to each of the projects. “I was a big part in sending formal emails that represented the company and keeping open communication with the clients,” Fox said. He also further developed skills in teamwork and working in a small company. “Because it’s such a small group of people, I’m not able to just disappear and work on my own… Being able to coordinate the timing of the project and trusting that we could each work on our own task and have it work together [was important].” He also worked with some basic coding in HTML and some CSS.


Fox definitely built connections within the company and worked for an extra two weeks after his internship ended. “The only reason it wasn’t longer was because of prior commitments. But we’re still in communication,” he said, so there is a possibility for more work in the future.

Future Implications

“Honestly, the internship helped me realize that this isn’t the career I want to go into, which I think is important. At the same time, it really helped me get into an experience of working with a small business and seeing all the different parts that need to be coordinated to make that business run which is information and experience I can take with me anywhere I go,” said Fox about his experience. He is still trying to figure out what he wants to do but this was a positive step toward that realization.


“Really make a strong effort to go above and beyond what’s being asked of you. In my situation, and I know sometimes with other companies, they don't always want to have an intern because you’re taking up their time, you’re new to the whole thing, there’s room for error and there’s room for miscommunication. So you need to make the company feel like it’s definitely beneficial for them as well as you. Establish trust, because as soon as they trust you to do the small stuff that anyone off the street can do, that’s when the real opportunities begin.”