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Extern Week is January 12-16, 2015Externship calendar 2015



An externship is a three to five day job-shadowing experience designed to help students gain insights into the realities of the workplace. During an externship students are given the opportunity to “shadow” an Extern Sponsor, typically an alumnus, parent or friend of Ursinus College, throughout a traditional workday. As an extern, you may observe or contribute to projects, attend meetings, or meet with various professionals in the organization. One of the most valuable aspects of an externship is that you can have your questions answered by someone with experience in a field you are considering as a possible career.


The Extern Program is open to Ursinus College students of all class years and majors, at least 18 years or older.

  • Preference will be given to second, third and fourth year students.
  • Additional priority will be given to students who have not had an externship.
  • Some Workplace Sponsors may restrict their Externships to certain majors or years; this will be noted in the specific Externship description.


An externship is an opportunity to have your questions answered by someone with experience in a field you are considering as a possible career. In addition to helping you consider career choices, you will gain opportunities for networking and informational interviewing. Activities you may become involved with as an extern include:

  • Observe work being performed by the Workplace Sponsor or his/her co-workers
  • Speak with Workplace Sponsor about career field, career path, job responsibilities, experiences
  • Attend staff or committee meetings or presentations
  • Take a tour of the organization
  • Attend a training program designed for new employees
  • Complete or assist with a sampling of work assignment
  • Observe interactions with the organization’s clients
  • Develop relationships with professionals and build your professional network
  • Plan a meeting with the hiring staff to understand what they look for in college graduates
  • Connect with Ursinus College alumni who work at the organization
  • Meet young, recently hired staff to understand their experiences
  • Explore careers and work environments and test interests
  • Gain exposure to the expectations and culture of organizations, as well as workplace dynamics
  • Learn and practice appropriate business etiquette
  • Participate in informational interviews with staff members to understand the organization, industry and future trends, and career paths within this field.




The deadline to submit all application materials for the 2014 Extern Program is 5:00pm on Wednesday, OCTOBER 22, 2014.


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