Os Sustainability Programs

The Office of Sustainability's runs a number of programs that promote sustainability on campus.  These programs are largely run by our Sustainability Fellows with staff oversight.  These programs provide students who are motivated to get involved and promote sustainability an opportunity to engage in challenging programming aimed at our campus community.  Our UCGreen Sustainability Fellows work on individual projects as well as on some collaborative projects to introduce a wide variety of sustainability concepts.  Some of our programs are long-standing programs and some are new.  Most evolved out of student-led initiatives. 

The UCGreen Sustainability Fellows program is a leadership and professional development program supervised by Office of Sustainability (OS) staff members.  This student mentoring program provides students with the opportunity to work on sustainability initiatives on and off campus within a professional setting.  As stewards of the environment and within the community, the students develop communication and leadership skills that they can take from this program and apply to other jobs or educational projects.  UCGreen Sustainability Fellows research, design, and implement outreach projects and communicate with the campus community about complex sustainability issues.

In addition to our Fellows, we also have a student-led EcoREPS program that allows students to design and implement their own sustainability programs.

n building upon the campus culture and institutional vision/values of Ursinus College, sustainability programming helps to mutually support Ursinus as a leader in liberal arts education and sustainable development.  Taking an actively integral approach to the multidimensional issues involved with sustainability allows all stakeholders to come together in communication, to collaboratively build a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

OS Sustainability Programs

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- Bikeshare

- Green Tours

- Move-In

- Move-Out

- Organic Farm

- Take Back the Tap

- Waste Diversion

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  - Power-It-Down (Energy)

  - Real Food Challenge

  - Tree Campus USA

  - Water Conservation

  - Green Certification

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