Sustainable Move-In

Ursinus hosts a sustainable Move-In as students arrive in the beginning of each academic year.  This initiative ensures that all of the incoming cardboard, styrofoam and packaging gets recycled rather than sent to a landfill.  Designated drop off areas are stationed across campus for students to drop off their broken down cardboard and styrofoam where it is sorted and taken to be recycled by our UCGreen Team of volunteers.  These volunteers also work throughout these days to direct students to the drop off sites, while also collecting, breaking down and sorting the cardboard and styrofoam to take it to be recycled.

Where does it all go?

All of our cardboard is recycled, and our styrofoam is taken to Liberty Recycling in Allentown PA, where picture companies such as MCS purchase that styrofoam and convert it from expanded polystyrene to High Impact Polystyrene.  They then use this High Impact Polystyrene to make their picture frames!  Styrofoam has also been taken to a local recycling facility in Pottstown PA - Recycling Services Inc (RSI).  RSI uses converts the styrofoam into archery bales!

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Move-In and Move-Out Coordinator 2013
Travis Maider

Office of Sustainability Staff

Volunteer for Move In!

Want to help Ursinus host a sustainable Move In?  Become part of the UCGreen Move In Team!

Volunteers help sort styrofoam and break down cardboard, direct students and parents to designated move in sites, and transport the cardboard and styrofoam to local recycling facilities.

Want to become part of the team? Contact our office at