Take Back the Tap

Bottled Water

Take Back the Tap (TBTT) is a program that was brought to us by Sustainability Fellow Sarah Huang (2014). 

Despite the marketing, bottled water is not safer than tap water. In fact, tap water is subject to more stringent regulation that bottled water. Tap water is regulated by the EPA, while bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Perpetually under-funded and short-staffed, FDA has a poor record of protecting consumer health and safety. FDA sends inspectors to bottling plants once every two to three years.

What You Can Do

  • Reduce your bottled water consumption.
  • Carry your own bottle. Lined aluminum, glass, or stainless steel are safe alternatives to one-use plastic bottles. BPA-free plastic bottles (such as nalgene) are another option.
  • Take the pledge to break the bottled water habit and spread the word!

Interested in learning more about how to get involved?  Contact the OS staff at: sustainability@ursinus.edu

For more information on Food & Water Watch's national Take Back the Tap campaign, click here.



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