The Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies

Those with an entrepreneurial mindset are individuals who can extend their knowledge to recognize opportunities where others don’t…constant learners who continually challenge assumptions.

What is the U-Imagine! Center?

U-Imagine! focuses on entrepreneurship and integration as a way of thinking and acting in various contexts.  Students learn to approach problems in novel ways, develop comfort with ambiguity, and apply learning in real contexts.  The Center provides valuable resources so that ANY student from ANY major feels welcome to use the Center to develop an idea into a product or service that creates value by meeting a social or market need.

Ursinus students are interested in and encouraged to refine the following abilities, commonly referred to as entrepreneurial competencies from their first day at the college:

  • leadership
  • collaboration
  • creative (or inventive) thinking
  • negotiation
  • communication skills (especially persuasion)
  • problem-solving
  • time-management
  • the ability to critically evaluate information and distill it to what is useful and relevant
    (information literacy)
  • flexibility and  adaptability

What can the Center do for you?

Every student at Ursinus is encouraged to be an entrepreneurial thinker.  E-thinking fulfills the spirit of Liberal Arts Plus by giving students the chance to act on “the desire to make significant contributions to the world.”  E-thinking is in high demand by employers in a 21st century workforce.

What is E-thinking?

E-thinkers know how to think rather than what to think; they imagine then innovate, and follow their vision.  They exercise leadership, imagination, creativity and judgment to challenge conventional thinking, and to see connections where others do not.  E-thinkers solve problems in novel ways, understand the value of teamwork, act with tenacity and determination in the face of change and uncertainty, and learn from experience as they make a positive difference in society.