Members in Course

Class of 2014

Briana Marie Anderson

Sara Abigail Birnbaum

Grace Buchele Mineta

Kelsey Nicole Bullington-Hodge

Caroline Hillborn Cannon

Dominic Thomas Castanzo

Hongli Chen

Nicole Marie Cianciarulo

Megan L. Curley

Sean Patrick Delany

Kara Marie DiJoseph

Jarrett M. Field

Michael Aaron Fried

Gerald Merle Gares

Julia Rose Glauberman

Atticus David Holm Graven

Jonnie M. Handschin

Christina M. Hauck

Zeba Hussaini

Andrew John Kane

Julia Blaine Kelley

Jin Sun Kim

Cheyenne L. Layman

Julianna Mercedes Lepore

Caitlin Elise Lindley

Megan Elizabeth Maccaroni

Travis Philip Maider

Mary Kate Elizabeth McCrea

Sabrina Diana McGettigen

Heather Diane McMasters

Alanna Brooke Messner

Danielle Breanne Miller

Amber Mae Moyer

Brett Ryan Neslen

Bryn Alexandra O’Neill

Alexander M. Pandelidis

John Carle Parry

Melonie Anne Phillips

Sarah E. Polekoff

Rachel Zorionna Polinski

Matthew James Ruby

Kyu Chul Shin

Erik Joseph Stumpo

Michelle Anne Tanco

Morgan Ashley Wambaugh

Kayleigh Paige Weaver

Tricia Marie Wiegert

Michael Philip Zaccaro

Class of 2015

Riley Kaitlin Acton

Quinn Gilman-Forlini

Aubrey Rose Paris

Elizabeth Claire Reynolds

Phi Beta Kappa


National Phi Beta Kappa Society


The Tau of Pennsylvania Chapter at Ursinus College was installed as a Chapter of the Society on March 29, 1992. 


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Video: Annual Induction Ceremony 
Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lenfest Theatre of the Kaleidoscope


What is Phi Beta Kappa?

Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and most respected academic honor society in the United States, having been established at the College of William and Mary in 1776. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa signifies excellence in one’s entire academic experience as an undergraduate. Furthermore, only a small fraction of all colleges and universities in the US possess a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Election of members is also limited to no more than fifteen percent of any senior class, with no more than twenty percent of these students having been elected during the junior year.

Who is eligible for nomination?

Junior students with a Grade Point Average at or above 3.75 and senior students with GPA at or above 3.50 are eligible for nomination and thus consideration for Phi Beta Kappa.

How are new members nominated and selected for induction at Ursinus?

Each year the Tau Chapter solicits nominations from faculty and staff. A committee of Chapter members then reviews student records and makes recommendations to the entire Tau Chapter as to which students it recommends for membership. The Tau Chapter considers these recommendations and additional students brought forth independently by Chapter members. This meeting results in the list of students who are offered membership in the Society by the Tau of Pennsylvania at Ursinus College.

In what activities does the Tau Chapter engage?

Along with election and initiation of new members each year, the Tau Chapter supports the John Moore Wickersham Sophomore Book Award. This award, in the form of a book and certificate, is presented at the initiation each spring to the sophomore(s) with the highest GPA after 3 semesters at Ursinus College. Occasionally, the Chapter invites Phi Beta Kappa scholars to speak at events open to the entire campus.

Phi Beta Kappa Members

Resident Members

Students Elected in 2013 as Juniors

Kristen A. Biernat

Megan E. Giroux

Faculty and Staff 

Lindsay Adams

Thomas Carroll

Cathy Chambliss

Abbie Cichowski

Hugh Clark

Marcia Clouser

Ross Doughty

Mark Ellison, Vice President

Rebecca Evans, Treasurer

Roger Florka

Bobby Fong

Melissa Hardin, Historian

Kari Hart

Dallett Hemphill

Richard King

Joyce Lionarons

Stephanie Mackler

Jonathan Marks

David Mill

Anthony Nadler

Jeffrey Neslen, Secretary

Christian Rice, President

Patricia Schroeder

Domenick Scudera

Paul Stern

Jennifer Stevenson

Erin Stroble

Susanna Throop

Victor Tortorelli

Jon Volkmer


A. Curtis Allen

Nancy Hagelgans

Ellen Matthews

Martha Takats

John Moore Wickersham