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Wireless Connectivity Instructions

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Ursinus has implemented a wireless network in the Myrin Library, Wismer Hall, Olin Plaza and Olin Auditorium. Because we want users to feel secure using this network there are a couple of minor configuration settings that need to be made to your laptop before you can get online with it. These changes will enable your computer to send information over the network encrypted and thus protected from eavesdropping.

The settings described below make the following assumptions, that your computer is Wiindows XP service pack 1 or 2 and is on the ‘ursinus‘ domain. All the laptops that the college has issued met this specification when they were given out, so if you have not altered your computer’s operating system or domain membership these instructions should work fine.

If you have difficulty following the directions or are unsure if you have followed them correctly, please visit the Technology Support Center in Myrin 303 for assistance getting on line.

Configuring The Wireless Adapter

The steps below detail the configuration that is specific to the Ursinus College Wireless LAN. These steps need to only be performed once and will be remembered each time you connect to the wireless network.

  • Verify the TCP/IP settings by doing the following (depending on your configuration):
    Select Start > Connect To > Show All Connections
    Start > Settings > Network Connections
    • Leave this window open throughout the configuration procedures below
    • By selecting the wireless adapter, you can view its connection status in the detail pane to the left
  • Right click the wireless adapter and select "Properties" from the pull down menu
    • Select the General Tab (selected by default). Scroll down to "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and select it
    • Click the "Properties" button and verify that "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically" are selected
    •  Select OK from the Internet Protocol TCP/IP Properties Window and proceed to the next step
  • Select the "Wireless Networks" tab
    • Select "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings"
    • If the network "ursinus-WPA" is listed under "Available networks" highlight it and select "Configure"
    • Otherwise, select "Add…" under "Preferred networks" and proceed to the next step


  • From the ‘ursinus-WPA’ properties window, select the "Association" tab and make the following selections
    • Input "ursinus-WPA" In the "Network name (SSID)" text box if it is not present (this is case sensitive)
    • Set ‘Network Authentication’ to (WPA2)
    • Data Encryption can be either TKIP or AES
    • Proceed to the next step


  • Select the Authentication tab and make the following configuration choices
    • From the EAP type pull down menu, select Protected EAP (PEAP)
    • Select Properties to view the "Protected EAP" properties window and proceed to the next step


  • On the Protected EAP properties page, make the follow selections:
    • Uncheck Validate server certificate


  • Select OK for all the windows to return to your desktop – your connection should be established within moments (assuming you are in range of an access point)

Should these steps not work, or you need further assistance please visit the Technology Support Center on the third floor of the library, or call x2244


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Faculty and Staff Technology Resource Guide (pdf)

Student Technology Resource Guide (pdf)


The Technology Support Center is staffed by technology professionals and student support staff.  Student staff work directly under the supervision of our professional staff.