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Connecting to Terminal Services

With this routine you will be establishing a remote access service connection from your client computer, your laptop or desktop, to the host computer, or server, where the software will run.

This feature is automatically installed with WINDOWS XP. If you have WINDOWS 2000, you must first run a process to set up the terminal services. This step can only be run while on campus or via direct dial-up to campus.


How do I know which version of WINDOWS I have installed?

Go to Start, Run and type in winver. A window will display that tells you which version you are running.


If you have XP begin the process with Step2.

STEP 1: For users with WINDOWS 2000 ONLY.

You will need to follow Step 1 only ONCE, to install the process that allows the remote connection.

STEP 2: For all users (both Win 2000 and XP).

To create a new Remote Desktop Connection:

  • Go to Start, select Programs, Accessories, Communications, and then click Remote Desktop Connection.
  • In Computer, type brownbear

Remote Desktop Connection window

  • Click Connect. A logon window will display.
  • Enter your logon ID and password. Click OK.

As a modification to Step 2, you can place an icon on your desktop for faster access to the connection: Locate the ‘default.rdp’ file on your hard drive and right-click to create a short cut to the connection. Place this short cut on your Desktop.

The screen that next appears next is a desktop overlay. It looks like your regular desktop but the icons are different. Click the resize Image of Resize Window toolbar option and double-click the icon for the software you want to run.

To end your connection, click the X in the right top corner of the bar to close the remote session. When the Disconnect Windows session window displays, click OK.


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Faculty and Staff Technology Resource Guide (pdf)

Student Technology Resource Guide (pdf)


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