Career Fair

Volunteer to be an Alumni Career Ambassador!  It’s a fun, rewarding and meaningful way to give back to Ursinus!  You can make a significant impact on the career path of a current student or fellow alum by providing your advice and insight.



Ursinus has made great strides in the last decade in terms of admissions, national recognition and financial resources and volunteers have played an important role in that success.  If you are interested serving Ursinus through volunteerism, check out these great opportunities.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer in any of the following roles, please e-mail


The National Council is being formed this year and will serve as the major platform for engagement and philanthropic activities for key alumni and parent leaders. Regional chapters will be formed in each of the 10 "key" regions from across the nation will serve as ambassadors for the larger alumni group. Members of the National Council will serve as champions and local spokespersons of the College. They will host events that build greater understanding and appreciation for the College and develop a culture of giving. Our regions include: Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C, Northern and Southern California, Philadelphia, Chicago, Florida, and Northern and Southern New Jersey. Click here to find out more!

Young Alumni Council

Our Young Alumni Council is comprised of Ursinus graduates of the past ten years (2004-2013) and was created with the intention of engaging our Young Alumni in the life and future of the College. This group of young alumni leaders will educate classmates and other young alums about the importance of giving back to Ursinus and will engage others via personal contact, campus updates, networking opportunities and events.

Reunion Committees (Class and Organization)

Class Reunions are held during Alumni Weekend in the spring. Not only do reunions offer alumni the opportunity to renew old friendships, they provide them with the chance to visit the college and experience the energy and excitement at Ursinus. 

Career Ambassadors

Provide industry and career information as well as encouragement to current Ursinus students and fellow alumni.  Alumni Career Ambassadors offer valuable assistance in one or more of the following areas: (a) provide job search advice, (b) speak in classrooms or participate in career panels, (c) invite students to their work place for a shadowing or internship experience, or (d) simply communicate via email to provide career advice and insight. Be a valuable resource to current students and fellow alumni and sign up to be an Alumni Career Ambassador.

Alumni-ADmisson volunteer

Interested in assisting the Office of Admission as we look to recruit impressive first-year Ursinus student? As an Ursinus College alumnus/a, your insight and experiences are so valuable to perspective and accepted students. Click here for additional information on specific volunteer opportunities or to apply.