Alyssa Sardone, 2015

Double major in Media and Communications Studies and East Asian Studies, with a minor in Film Studies

Quick Facts

Schott Productions
Reading, PA
Summer 2013, unpaid



Junior Media & Communications Studies and east Asian Studies double major Alyssa Sardone spent the fall of 2013 not only taking classes at Ursinus College, she also interned for Schott Productions in Reading, Pennsylvania. This internship was offered by a self-employed woman and brought to students’ attention by a professor at Ursinus College. During her internship, she spent the majority of her time assisting in production of the documentary “Jen’s Voice,” as well as the filming of a nationwide commercial. During her fourteen hours a week spent in Reading, Alyssa aided in research and editing for the documentary and also contacted shoot locations to verify equipment. Sardone was also given the opportunity to accompany her boss on multiple production shoots. “I got to watch cinematographers on the job and was amazed at how much thought and effort goes into a simple shot.”

Skills Utilized

During her internship, Alyssa learned a lot about content documentary and etiquette and improved upon her writing skills, professional and otherwise. She also learned a great deal about communication theory, specifically how people perceive things. Balancing school and her internship also caused an increase in time management skills.


Alyssa enjoyed her time at Schott Productions, and is still in contact with her employer. “We were able to develop a great professional relationship.” Ms. Schott also would like to have Alyssa back on set sometime in the future.

Future Implications

This internship provided an opportunity to get an inside look at the behind the scenes of documentary and commercial production. “I loved working with the people I was fortunate to meet and really hope that this documentary is successful and can be seen by as many people as possible.” Alyssa knows she wants to continue exploring her options in Media and Communications and Film Studies.


“Everyone should have an internship for the incredible experience it provides,” Alyssa stated. It’s important not to be afraid to ask questions and be comfortable saying “I don’t know.” “You become more responsible and well-rounded, and it opens so many doors for you as a person and potential employee.”