Internship Process

The Internship Learning Agreement

The ILA is completed by the student, in collaboration with the faculty internship advisor and the host site supervisor. The Agreement serves several purposes:

  • To provide a framework or structure for the internship experience
  • To serve as a reminder to all learning partners (student, supervisor, and faculty sponsor) of the purpose and activities of the internship
  • To provide the basis for evaluation and validation of the learning experience
  • The Online ILA can be found here.

Deadlines for ILA submission

Students and faculty complete the Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) within these deadlines:

  • The second Friday of the fall semester (Fall Internship)
  • The second Friday of the spring semester (Spring Internship)
  • The second Friday in June (Summer Internship)

Internship Prep Course

All students are required to complete the Internship Prep Course before starting their intenrnship.  You will receive a course enrollment notice from Career and Professional Development shortly after you register for the internship.


  • The Site Supervisor will receive an evaluation form from the Faculty internship advisor via email
  • The completed evaluation form will be considered along with the other visible products required to determine a grade for the internship
  • A sample evaluation can be found here.
  • Students will receive a link to complete an online evaluation of the internship shortly before (or in some cases after) the internship is completed. Submission of the evaluation is the last step in issuing credit. The student evaluation MUST be completed.