JOB, INTERNSHIP & Networking FAIR - February 12th 12:00 - 2:00pm 




1.   Research organizations participating in the fair
Review the list of organizations who will be attending the job fair by visiting the Fair Web site. Research those organizations of interest to you and visit their website. Develop a clear understanding of the organization and its mission and purpose. Get updated on recent news and events.  UC CareerNet is a great tool that can help with this research! Students who put some extra effort into learning about the employer make a great first impression.

2.   Create a resume that stands out - bring multiple copies
Prepare a solid, concise, well-written resume that clearly reflects your accomplishments, skills and experiences. Make sure that it is error free and printed on resume paper using a high-quality printer. Take the time to have your resume critiqued by Career Services.  Resume paper can be purchased in the Career Services Office, Bomberger 110.   Bring an adequate supply of resumes (at least 10-12) to the fair.

3.  Make a good first impression
Prepare to make a strong first impression by dressing in professional business attire. If you are a senior applying for full-time jobs, wear a suit just as you would for a regular interview. If you are a freshman-junior looking for internships, "business-casual" attire is appropriate. Please leave sweat pants and jeans at home.  Men - if you don't know the proper way to tie a tie, click here to link to videos on 4 different ways to tie a tie.

4.  Have a plan of attack
You have limited time at the Fair – use it wisely! Prioritize the employers with whom you would like to speak and identify the information you want to get from them. Visit the “Participating Employers” section on the fair Web site to get an up-to-date list of the organizations that will be attending.

5.  Prepare the all-important commercial
Prepare and rehearse a "30-second commercial." Think about how you can sell yourself in a brief introduction that will summarize your background & strengths and give the recruiter a good idea of what you are looking for. Walk up to the employer's table, smile and establish eye contact, hand the recruiter your resume and get ready to launch into a powerful introduction. 

For example…
"Hello, I'm Holly Harris. I'm a senior majoring in English. I'm very interested in a marketing career. As you can see on my resume, I just completed an internship in the Marketing Division of the Whatagreat Company in Wilmington. I've also taken some courses in business. I'm interested in talking with you about marketing opportunities with your organization." 

6.  Practice your interviewing skills
Practice answering specific interview questions.  Have a good understanding of your academic/career goals and the type of experience you are looking for. Think about academic and work experiences which back up your stated skills. Also, mentally prepare questions you would like to ask the employer

Examples may include: 
What kind of entry level positions exist within your organization?
How many employees are in my area of interest?  
What is your recruitment process? Practice your interviewing aloud and with friends. 

7.  Bring energy and a positive attitude!
Demonstrate enthusiasm, initiative, and confidence! Employers identify “enthusiasm” as the most important personal attribute students can bring to their first position! So SMILE and project interest in the organization

8.  Keep track of contacts
Ask for a business card. Have paper and a pen with you to note important details about particular conversations and organizations, including names of people who may not have had business cards. 

9.  Thank and follow-up with employers
Send a thank you letter to those organizations in which you are most interested – this may help bring attention to your name.  Within two weeks of the fair, make follow-up contact with the representatives you spoke to, unless you have discussed an alternative arrangement.  If calling to follow-up, be prepared!   



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