Promotion and Tenure

As articulated in the Faculty Handbook, the primary purpose of our system of evaluation is to help individual faculty members to grow and develop as teachers through methodical self-appraisal, applying agreed-upon criteria.  The evaluation system also assists evaluators in decision regarding salary, promotion, tenure, retention, and dismissal.

As members of an on-going academic institution, we are accountable to past, present and future students, our faculty colleagues, the Board of Trustees, and the community as a whole.  Our task is to achieve academic excellence, and our performance as faculty members is to be measured against the standards of excellence for which we strive.  The size and character of Ursinus College prescribe specific ways of achieving excellence.  As a private liberal arts undergraduate institution, we place primary emphasis on excellence in teaching which emphasizes performance as a classroom teacher, adviser and scholar.  We affirm that a commitment to excellence in these three components of teaching is important in establishing an environment that fosters student learning and achievement.  We also recognize the importance of each faculty member in the governance and administration of the academic institution.  Evaluation criteria pertain to teaching, scholarship and professional achievement, and advising and service.  Teaching is the most important work of the faculty, while the balance between scholarship, advising, and service will vary in individual cases over the course of a career.