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Information about cooling, heating, refuse and recycling, lofts, storage, and damage charges are described here.  Contact the Service Response Desk at ext 3598 if further information is required.

Air Conditioning

Window and portable air conditioners or fans are permitted in Residence Hall rooms since most residence halls are not air conditioned.  Mounted ceiling fans are not permitted.  Please remember to include the unit amperage capacity in the total room capacity.  The current draw or amps ratings are located on the faceplate of the appliance.  It is important to remove the window units before the beginning of the heating systems because of the loss through the unit ventilation.  If units are not removed by Thanksgiving break, they may be removed and charges will be levied by the Facilities Services office for removal.

The cooling season is from approximately May 15 to October 1, although the actual outside air temperature and humidity determine when the air conditioning is available.  The majority of campus residence halls are not centrally air-conditioned.  Musser Hall, New Hall, Reimert Hall, and Richter/North Hall are equipped with central air conditioning.  Those units are on when the average evening temperature reaches 70 degrees and 85 percent humidity.


Space heaters are not permitted except when normal building heat is interrupted and temporary heaters are provided by Facilities Services.  Please contact Facilities Services for more information.

The heating season is from approximately October 15 to April 15, although the actual temperatures will determine the beginning and the end of the season.  Heat is provided to maintain interior temperatures within an adequate temperature range.

Damage Charges  

Occupants of residence halls are responsible for repairs of damages beyond ordinary wear to buildings, furnishings, and public areas.  Charges will be prepared on a monthly basis and levied to the individual or group accepting responsibility or to the residents of an area.  The Student Handbook contains a complete list of repair charges.  The goal is to leave your room in the same condition it was in at the time you moved into it.


A student who intends to construct a loft in a residence hall room is required to obtain construction information and a permit from the Residence Life Office.  When the loft is completed, Facilities Services will be notified by Residence Life so a carpenter can certify the construction method and safety.  All lofts must be removed at the end of each academic year; otherwise, a charge will be levied for removal.

Refuse Collection and Recycling

Students are responsible for taking their room trash and recycling to the centrally located trash and recycling cans in their residence hall on a regular basis to maintain sanitary conditions in their living quarters.  All items must be removed promptly.  Any items left in the residence hall at the end of the academic year will be discarded.

A contracted service is administered by Facilities Services and is responsible for the pickup and disposal of normal refuse on the campus and from all campus dumpsters.  At the end of each academic year, large dumpsters are placed at several locations for the convenience of students.  Students will be charged for trash left in rooms.


No equipment or materials of any sort may be stored in stairways or public corridors or placed so as to block fire exits.  These conditions constitute fire code violations.  Equipment may not be stored in mechanical rooms or electrical rooms.  The College does not provide storage facilities for personal belongings or standard issued College residence hall room furniture.



Service Response Center: (610) 409-3598 or or

Copy Center - ext 3284 or

Mail Services - ext 3483

Environmental Health & Safety - ext 3221 (website)

Safety Data Sheets here.

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