Facilities Services Snow Removal Plan

The Facilities Services Snow Removal plan outlines the polices and procedures that the department will follow to respond to a snow event at Ursinus College. It is the Department’s charge to provide safe access to, and egress from, Ursinus in the safest, most efficient and environmentally responsible manner possible.

Throughout the winter season, Facilities Services will monitor the weather in order to prepare for a snow emergency. A snow emergency will be declared when the snow begins to accumulate and remedial action is necessary to prevent hazardous road and sidewalk conditions. The Service Response Center will notify the Ursinus community, via the campus e-mail system, if the snow emergency parking policy will go into effect.

Normal working hours for the Grounds Department are Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 4:30pm. The Campus Safety shift supervisor will be responsible for monitoring weather conditions outside normal working hours. 

Snow will be cleared in a prioritized manner. Emergency access routes are the first priority. Primary pedestrian routes, vehicular drives and parking lots, including snow emergency “No Parking” areas are the second priority. Minimal use walks and roads, snow emergency alternate parking lots and other secondary parking lots are the third priority and will be cleared last. Anti-icing and de-icing procedures will be performed as deemed necessary by the Grounds Manager.

For further information, please review the full Facilities Services Snow Removal Plan.



Service Response Center: (610) 409-3598 or or lrobb@ursinus.edu

Copy Center - ext 3284 or copycenter@ursinus.edu

Mail Services - ext 3483

Environmental Health & Safety - ext 3221 (website)

Safety Data Sheets here.

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