The Copy Center provides services for the Faculty and Staff of the College. Located in Ritter Hall, the Copy Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:15am - 12:15pm.  If you need emergency assistance and the Copy Center is closed, please contact Ray Korenkiewicz at ext 3114.

In addition to basic copying, services offered by the Copy Center include booklet making, color copying, copying on 3-hole paper, multi-part carbonless forms, paper cutting, paper folding, paper supplies, and tablet making.  All requests for copies and supplies must be made using either the Copy Request Form or Supplies Request Form. *These forms may be filled in and saved using Adobe Reader 8 or higher.

Copy Requests

Copy requests may be dropped off at the Copy Center in person, delivered via interoffice mail, or emailed as an attachment to The following information must be noted on the form - the name of the requester, department, Xerox number, number of copies, the parameters for the finished job, and the date and time the job must be completed.  Turnaround time for most jobs is within 24 hours.  Please allow extra time for delivery if the job is to be returned via interoffice  mail and during peak times such as the beginning of the semester and during midterms and finals.  Accepted file formats  for copying include any Window's Office or PDF files.

Exams should be packaged in a sealed envelope and clearly marked Confidential.  If using interoffice mail to deliver an exam, place the exam in a sealed envelope inside an interoffice envelope.  Please remember that the Copy Center becomes extremely busy at exam time and the lead time may be longer than 24 hours.

Copier Repair Services

Please submit service requests for departmental copiers to  Remember to include your name, copier location, copier serial number, and the nature of the copier issue.


(610)409-3000, ext 3284

For emergency assistance, ext 3114


Monday - Friday

8:15am - 12:15pm

Ritter Hall, First floor


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