Teagle Project

"Think, Feel, Do: Enhancing Student Engagement with Diversity Through a Holistic Assessment Approach"


Teagle Project Ursinus College Home Team

Cindy Biel, Instructor
Jennifer Finney Boylan, Visiting Creative Writer in Residence
Allison Bugenis '12
Danielle Callendar '13
Carol Cirka, Associate Professor Business and Economics
Randy Davidson*, Professor of Exercise and Sport Science
Erin Dickerson, Assistant Director of Admissions
Diana Finesmith '13
Brenda Frutos '13
Priscilla Garcia '13
William Godfrey '13
Sheryl Goodman*, Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies
Nick Hanford '11
Daniel Horowitz '12
Nzadi Keita, Assistant Professor of English
Tara Kreider '11, Teagle Diversity Fellow
Annette Lucas*, Associate Dean, Teagle Grant Principal Investigator
Todd McKinney, Associate Dean of Student Life, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development
Olivia Minick '12
Maire Moriarty '12
Saible O'Brien '13
Clint O'Donnell '13
Paulette Patton, Director of Multicultural Services
Reese Rechnitz, Residence Director
Colleen Regan '11
Melissa Sanders, Director of Residence Life
Domenick Scudera, Associate Professor of Theater
Xochitl Shuru*, Associate Professor of Modern Languages
Diane Skorina, Reference and Instructional Services Librarian
Samantha Slusser '11
Kaitlyn Storey '12
Erin Stroble, Assistant Athletic Director
Gregory M. Weight*, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Mohammed Yahdi, Associate Professor Mathematics


*Member of Teagle Project Planning Team

Teagle Project

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