What can you recycle???

Recyclable on campus

We recycle a lot as a campus, but we need your help to make recycling part of everyone's routine and increase the percentage of our waste that is diverted from the landfill.  This is IMPORTANT!!  Our landfills are filling up, and we can do our part to slow that down.  Here's what we can recycle on campus:

Plastics Bottles and containers labeled #1 through #7
Examples include: soda, water, milk, juice, shampoo, detergent, plastic cups, salad dressings, yogurt and much more
Paper Cardboard, newspaper, office and notebook paper, post-it notes, manuals, construction paper, magazines, catalogues, junk mail, envelopes, file folders, cereal boxes, gift boxes, paper bags, and phone books.
Glass Glass bottles and jars (food and drink only; all colors - green, brown, clear, etc)
Metal Aluminum cans, aluminum foil and foil plates, metal lids and metal cans


Types of Recycling bins on campus

You can recycle ANY of the items listed above in ANY of these bins!!

All across campus with a variety of lids - slots, circles or no lid at all

Blue (personal)

Each First Year Residence Hall is outfitted with one per room, they are also available by request. Students - contact your RA for details. You are responsible for emptying the contents of your blue bin into the closest recycling bin.


Faculty/Staff - contact the OS staff for details.  You are responsible for emptying the contents of your blue bin into the closest recycling bin

Yellow with red lids

Located around Main Street houses

Black (outdoor)

Various types located along the pathways and the outsides of buildings on campus

Blue (outdoor)

Located near athletic fields and courts

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Personal Recycling:

Want to know what you can recycle on campus?  Click the Recycling Symbol Below:

Facilities Recycling:

Visit our Campus Recycling Webpage to learn more about the facilities side of recycling


Learn how Ursinus competes nationally to increase our recycling rates.


Wondering What to do with all your other recyclables?

Styrofoam, light metals, jeans and batteries You can take these to your closest Recycling center -  Pottstown RSI 
Plastic Bags You can recycle these at most supermarkets
CFL Lightbulbs You can bring these to Facilities on campus - they'll recycle them.
Office Electronics Staples will recycle these for free, including computers, shredders, calculators, ink cartridges, mobile phones, GPS devices, rechargeable batteries, etc.  Staples is located in the Wegmans shopping center.
Clothing, bedding, etc. Usable clothing and bedding can be taken to various thrift stores, including Goodwill and Liberty Thrift.  Non-usable clothing can also be taken to Pottstown RSI.  And don't forget about Move-Out - our end of the school year collection and redistribution event. 

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