Organic Farm

The Organic Farm offers students the opportunity to work as a community, working with the land and each other to grow and learn. 

Critters Bees & Chickens!  We have four bee hives and five chickens in a coop
Crops A wide variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits, including an orchard and fruit bearing bushes
Community We have 20 raised beds that are available to members of the UC community to raise their very own vegetables or flowers
  We participate in the Collegeville Farmers' Market - 2013 was our first year
  Farm Stand on campus - from time to time we hold a farm stand where produce from our farm can be purchased
Curriculum Several classes visit the farm and tie it into the curriculum, giving students a chance to apply lessons learned in the classroom to an experiential learning experience.  Whether they are talking about food justice, land management, biodiversity, ecology, or even animal rights - there are a variety of classes that utilize the farm as an outdoor educational space, while also giving students a stewardship opportunity.
Where? The Organic Farm is located on three acres of land on 9th Avenue right next to Hunsberger Woods.
Get Involved Each spring semester the seeds are planted, and students are able to take part in harvesting some of those crops the following fall semester.  For students who live on campus during the summer, they can volunteer at the farm and in return take home some of that day's harvest.  Whether someone wants to work for hours in the dirt, run around with chickens or sit in one of the hammocks at the farm, each student takes home something of their own at the end of the day.

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OS Sustainability Programs

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Student Organic Farm Director
Dean Scott

Staff Advisor
Brandon Hoover


Want to get your hands dirty? Help out at the Organic Farm! Contact us to find out how and when you can get involved: Farm Volunteering

Garden to Farm

In the fall of 2010 the Organic Garden became home to bees and chickens, transforming it from a garden to a farm! With the Orchard that was planted in 2008, the diversity of the farm continues to flourish.