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Southeast Asian Student Association

The Southeast Asian Student Association represents various cultures across Asia, including but not limited to Southeast Asia. The specific cultural events for each year can vary based on the students who are involved in the year. The fall usually consists of various events and regular meetings. In the past, we have held Asian Fusion Night in the fall, and look forward to bringing this night back soon. In the spring, our annual Tour of Asia is held. This is a major production for SASA! The Tour of Asia is a catered dinner showcasing several types of food from various cultures, followed by performances of both modern and traditional Asian arts, and concluded with a fashion show of Asian clothing at the end.

Cultural events are celebrated and open to the campus. We try to work with other organizations as well to combine our members' representation and to showcase the overlapping cultural boundaries. Some of these groups have included the Muslim Student Association, the International House, the Ninjutsu Club, the Japan Club, and more. Some of our events have been: Ramadan Dinner, Indian Dance Workshop, Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival/Chuseok, Indian/Chinese Dinner, Karaoke Night, International Curry Night, Chinese New Year's, and a trip to the Shofuso Gardens (Japanese Teahouse Museum).

The organization is open to all students: Asian descent is NOT necessary! Meetings are usually biweekly, thought they can be more frequent close to the Tour of Asia.


Southeast Asian Student Association


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