Class of 2009
The Career Services Office surveys the members of each graduating class approximately six months following graduation in an effort to understand the post-graduation activities of our alumni.  

For the Class of 2009, of the 332 individuals awarded baccalaureate degrees, post graduate status information was obtained for 298(90%) individuals. Sources of information include graduate self-report (i.e., written survey, phone survey, and email) and faculty report of status information.

Information on post-graduation status, geography, and salary is provided. The Appendices provide more detailed information (by major) on specific employers and graduate/professional schools.

Post Graduation Destination Report -- Class of 2009
Appendix A – Post Graduation Status According to Major 
Appendix B – Employment Summary
Appendix C – Graduate & Professional School Summary
Appendix D – Summary of Graduates who are Pursing Work and School
Appendix E – Year of Service/Fellowship Summary
Appendix F – Planning for Grad Study in Fall 2010


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