Expectations for the Tutor and Tutee

  1. The tutee is expected to make an appointment with their assigned tutor via the online tutoring program. Directions for doing this will be provided by email once your tutor is assigned.
  2. The tutee must show up on time to tutoring sessions, be ready to work and actively participate in the tutoring session.
  3. Tutees should attempt the homework ahead of time and come with questions prepared.
  4. Tutors should also prepare for the tutoring session by reviewing course material and if necessary, talking with the professor prior to the session.
  5. If the tutee is unable to make a tutoring session, he/she should contact his/her tutor via the online tutoring program and/or the Center for Academic Support with at least 24 hours advance notice.
  6. If a tutee does not show up and cancels two consecutive tutoring sessions, he/she will be required to meet with the Director of Center for Academic Support before being permitted to schedule another tutoring session.
  7. Tutees must commit to attending class regularly and to communicating with his/her professor, for additional help and guidance.
  8. Tutees must meet with their tutor(s) a minimum of 30 minutes per week and a maximum of 120 minutes. The consistency will help to reinforce concepts and help them to better prepare for tests and quizzes.
  9. Tutors should be sure to keep their online schedule updated so tutees can make appointments efficiently.
  10. Tutors are required to document each tutoring session and provide feedback to the Center staff. Tutors should contact Melissa LoRusso with any questions or concerns regarding their tutoring sessions. 

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