Olin HallStudents with disabilities

Ursinus College is a highly selective, independent coeducational liberal arts college committed to ensuring that all students with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations enabling them to have access to college programs and services under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act guidelines.

The criteria for eligibility for accommodations for post-secondary institutions are very different than those for K-12. Students, who are interested in receiving academic accommodations, physical modifications/accommodations, and housing/food adjustments, should complete the Accommodation Request Form (below) and contact the office at academicsupport@ursinus.edu or 484-762-4329.

Ursinus College does not offer special courses or programs solely for students with disabilities; however those programs that exist for all students are made accessible to students with documented disabilities.

The student who requests accommodations is required to:

  • Complete the Accommodation Request Form
  • Provide current documentation, which meets the appropriate documentation requirements.  In general, documentation should include testing/assessments completed by an independent properly credentialed professional in the applicable field and include recommendations for accommodations. 
  • Complete an intake with the Assistant Director
    • The intake will take about one hour and is an opportunity for students to discuss their understanding of academic strengths, needs, and symptoms/conditions.
  • Notify the Assistant Director prior to the beginning of each semester if he/she needs special accommodations and make an appointment to meet with her.
  • Sign a release form to authorize the College to communicate the accommodation request to his/her instructors, as well as documentation to Student Life office, and/or Wellness Center where applicable. The College considers information provided as confidential and uses it for accommodations for qualifying students.
  • Meet with the Assistant Director at the beginning of each semester to reinstate the accommodations for qualifying students. 


There are many other services that are available to help all students, including those with disabilities.  Please contact any of the following offices to receive information about the services below:

  • The Center for Writing
  • Wellness Center  – counseling and medical services
  • Student Academic Associates – Center for Academic Support
  • Math Help Room – Center for Academic Support
  • Physics Help Room – Center for Academic Support


The following appeal process applies to students who disagree with the accommodation decision made by the ADA Administrator. Students initiating this process should have already provided documentation which meets the college’s requirements.  

1.   A student who wishes to appeal a denial for an accommodation must contact the ADA Administrator and attempt to resolve the issue. 

2. If, upon consultation there is no resolution, the student contacts: 
    a. the Dean of Academic Affairs for academic accommodations 
    b. the Dean of Student Affairs for nonacademic accommodations 

The Dean attempts to resolve the conflict by discussing the issue with the ADA Administrator. Every effort should be made to resolve the conflict. 

3. If there is still no resolution, the student files a request in writing, describing the nature of the dispute. The Dean will bring the issue to the ADA Working Group which will appoint an ad hoc committee. The committee will be composed of members acceptable to both the student and the ADA Administrator.
The appeal process should take no longer than three weeks

Contact Information:

Assistant Director of the Center for Academic Support
ADA Administrator
Center for Academic Support
Myrin Library, lower level