New Employee Welcome Message

I am pleased that you have joined the Ursinus College community.
Ursinus has a high calling as an undergraduate college that pursues excellence in liberal education. We seek to teach students the best way to think and live, to open (that is, liberate) their minds to the nature and the needs of the world, and to heighten their capacity for helping to meet those needs in a personally fulfilling way.

We aspire to operate the College in the light of this important calling. In principle, every activity on campus, however routine, can contribute to the fulfillment of our purpose as a College in pursuit of excellence. We seek to make excellence a daily affair—in a plumbing repair well-made, a letter well-executed, a message accurately conveyed, a personal problem of a student sensitively resolved, as well as a lesson well-taught in the classroom.

As you begin your service with us, I encourage you to learn more about our educational mission and to become a fully participating member of our College family.

As a member of the college community, I hope that you, too, will find Ursinus to be a place where you can learn and grow. As a distinguished college which prides itself on instilling a sense of responsibility in others, perhaps the most important quality you bring to us is your own ability to handle responsibility. Whether in dealing with students or each other all of us must be problem-solvers, solution-givers—people ready and willing to make Ursinus a better, friendlier, more service-oriented institution. We must be a place where each of us takes pride in solving problems to the satisfaction of others, rather than an environment in which we see our job as passing on problems “up the ladder” or to others.

Let me add, that in order for us to make Ursinus even better, I welcome your suggestions, whenever you think there might be a better way to do something. Of course, you should feel free to make those suggestions to the people you work with every day first, but do not be afraid of letting me know if you have an idea about how we can do our jobs better.

Ursinus occupies a place among the finest small liberal arts colleges in the nation. In some measure you now have the responsibility and the pleasure of working to maintain and enhance that place.

Welcome to Ursinus College!!!

Bobby Fong


The following forms are needed to be completed by all new employees:

Background Check Consent Form

Residency Certification Form

2013 I-9

2013 W-4

Staff Census

Confidentiality Agreement Form



This staff program enhances your new employee orientation experience by providing employee “Connectors” to help welcome, ease, and assist you into the UC community. Our U-Connectors will serve as partners to you, outside of your department, offering advice, guidance and encouragement to enable a productive working environment. We are friendly faces that hope to provide you a level of comfort and be a source of information.

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