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October 18-19

2013 Homecoming weekend

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Welcome to Omega Chi

Omega Chi is a local sorority at Ursinus College founded in 1934. We aim to promote a spirit of fellowship and unity, as well as to encourage worthwhile social activities. We provide an opportunity for forming, strengthening, and retaining close friendships. We live by our sorority’s motto:  "Sisterhood, unity and fun!" 

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Owlettes all over the world

This summer marked the return, and departure, of some of our owlettes! Emma Danz and Mercy Gambrah returned from their European semester abroad where they studied in England and visited countless other countries in Europe. 

Margo Randleman traveled to Spain this summer where she ran with bulls and worked at a local hospital. 

Grace Duffy said au revior and jetted off to France for the semester, while Melanie Mercado has been enjoying hiking through Ecuador where she will stay and attend school for this upcoming semester. 

And our resident world traveler Kaley Miller-Schaeffer has journeyed over to Australia this semester after studying in England last summer.

Check back for updates on their adventures!

Hoot hoot <3

Jump Celina, Jump!

Celina Sooksatan is one of the few juniors remaining in Omega Chi. She may not be that tall, at only 5'5", but she sure knows how to reach for the sky. She just placed FIRST at the UC Track and Field Centennial Conference in the high jump on Saturday, February 25th, 2012, clearing a whole 5 ft and 2 inches! So if you see her around give her a hoot and a high five! 

Here's what she looks like, for those of you who don't remember: 

Read About Our Current President, Kate Lechleitner

Kate Lechleitner, our favorite (and only) Omega Chi President was recognized for her hard work and her never-ending pursuit to get into law school. She's goofy and fun, and smart too! 

Click here to learn more! 


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