Green Roof - Berman Museum

On Friday April 16, 2010 the Berman Museum planted the very first green roof on campus! The Berman Museum of art decided to house the very first green roof here at Ursinus on its new expansion.  The architect invited students, faculty and staff to help plant the green roof.  Visitors will be able to walk up to the roof at their leisure once the new expansion is open to the public.  Sara Lee (in the picture on the right) has been doing green roof research for the past year, and had the opportunity to help out with this instillation at Berman.

Installing Green Roof on Pfahler HallGreen Roof Project plantsGreen Roof -Research

For the past number of years students have been conducting research with ENV professors to understand the implications and effects of planting a green roof here on the Ursinus Campus.  The hope is to one day have a green roof on top of a campus building such as the Myrin Library or the Wismer Center, where students can read, socialize and have their cup of coffee while enjoying the fresh air.  This project is still in the initial stages of development.

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