Teagle Diversity Fellows

The Teagle project provided funds devoted to student research in diversity issues through the Teagle Diversity Fellows program. Though the Teagle grant has concluded, the work of the project continues. In that spirit, each summer a Summer Fellow will be designated as the Teagle Diversity Fellow to contribute to the continuing work on diversity issues on campus.

The Teagle Diversity Fellow will ideally conduct research in areas pertaining to diversity in higher education; preference will be given to research conducted during the summer that results in a proposal for a diversity-related policy or program initiative to be implemented at Ursinus the following academic year. The proposal description should outline evidence for the need for the initiative, the research that supports the proposed initiative, and the steps to enact it. Such an initiative may pertain to residence or social life, or may be related to academics; how the initiative will be enacted will necessarily depend on the scope and subject of the initiative.

However, students conducting research in all areas related to diversity will be considered.

In the "qualifications" section of the application, prospective Teagle Diversity Fellows should outline their qualifications for conducting work in diversity issues on campus, in addition to their academic qualifications.

For more information about this program, please contact Dr. Gregory M. Weight, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.