Whitman Research Scholars

The Whitman Scholars Program is a program for students who desire to explore the workings of the free market in society.  Students who participate in the program will have a unique research experience in which participants will serve a portion of their time off-campus with a community of students and scholars. 

Summer Fellows

Students will work on research project with an Ursinus mentor related to the principles of free enterprise and liberty.

History demonstrated the great capacity of humans to solve their problems through "the practice and potentials of freedom… Not in government or force, not in slavery or war, but in the creative, and thereby spiritual, power of freedom, shall our inspiration be found. (B. Harper)

Recent Whitman scholars examined:

  • How political decisions have influenced public pension fund performance.
  • How globalization has changed the way marketers advertise to different ethnic groups .

Students interested in submitting a proposal can contact Dr. Economopoulos to discuss the research topic.


Students will also attend one of the week-long seminars offered by Institute for Humane Studies.    The seminars are offered at colleges and universities throughout the United States.  Several seminars offered in the Philadelphia area throughout June and July.  These seminars cover a variety of topics: Markets, Law and Prosperity; Globalization, Culture and Community, and Experimental Economics.  Approximately 60 students from across the world gather to hear scholars and critically discuss the topic from a variety of perspectives including political philosophy, economics, law, and public policy.

The student will participate as one of the Summer Fellows and will be expected to fully participate in the summer fellows program. The student will receive the standard Summer Fellows stipend and benefits.  Travel expenses up to $250 to and from the seminar will be reimbursed.  (There is no expense for the seminar.)