the Ursinus Organic Farm Story


Dean Scott (2014-Biology) is our 2013 student farm director.  During Dean's tenure the farm continued to operate a community garden for the UC community and we added two new components to our farm: 2013 marked the first year of our participation in the Collegeville Farmers' Market and our first on-campus Farm Stands.  This year also marked the shift in oversight from the Environmental Studies Department to the Office of Sustainability.

Travis Maider (2014-Chemistry) continued on as our student beekeeper, maintaining our hives and giving tours.

2012 Travis Maider (2014-Chemistry) was our 2012 student farm director.  Travis spearheaded our efforts to have community garden boxes and invited UC community members to come out and garden.  Travis also developed a strong interest in beekeeping!! 
2011 Julia Bull (2011-Environmental Studies) was the student farm director in 2011.  She worked with Urban Tree Connection.  We added bees while Julia was our farm director!  Many thanks to bee donor Sue King!! 
2008-10 Kyle Shelton (2011-Environmental Studies) was the student farm director for two growing seasons.  During Kyle's time as farm director, the farm partnered with Urban Tree Connection in Philadelphia to donate food grown on the farm to that organizations efforts.  Chickens were added to the farm during this time, donated by staff members Kelley and Jeff Williams.
2006-08 Devyn Madsen (2009-Environmental Studies) became the second director of the Organic Garden Project. During the 2006 growing season, she oversaw the doubling of the garden’s tilled area, adding another plot for tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, and other crops as well as a plot for raspberries. Bird houses and a picnic table were also added to the garden site.

In 2005, under Katy’s leadership, the Ursinus Organic Garden was awarded a Suburban Greening Award by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Katy also received scholarships for her work on the garden from the Garden Club of America and the Norristown (PA) Garden Club.  Katy created a detailed plan for the garden and for campus participation in it for the 2005 growing season. Katy worked with Environmental Studies faculty and members of the Ursinus Administration on selecting an appropriate location for the garden project. A several-acre site across the street from campus, part of the former Hunsberger Estate, was selected.

During Katy’s time as director of the Ursinus Organic Garden, a shed was purchased for the site and the first garden plots were tilled and planted. Among the crops harvested during the first growing season were several varieties of tomatoes, strawberries, eggplant, green beans, lettuces, wildflowers, and a number of herbs and spices. Volunteers assisted Katy during the 2005 growing season and much of the produce was provided to the Ursinus College Dining Services, where it was used in prepared food that were, in turn, eaten by students and faculty.

2004 The Ursinus Organic Garden Project was founded by Environmental Studies alumna Katy Diana (class of 2006) as her Summer Fellows project in 2004.

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Student Organic Farm Director
Dean Scott

Staff Advisor
Brandon Hoover

Garden to Farm

In the fall of 2010 the Organic Garden became home to bees and chickens, transforming it from a garden to a farm! With the Orchard that was planted in 2008, the diversity of the farm continues to flourish.