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The theater and dance programs at Ursinus prepare students for a life in which intellectual thinking, aesthetic awareness, communication, and collaboration are integral components. The study of theater and dance within the context of a liberal arts education will develop students for whom rigorous intellectual and artistic inquiries are inextricably linked.

The theater and dance department offers coursework in acting, dancing, choreography, directing, history and theory of performance, theatrical design, and production. Our objectives are:  

  • to offer historical, critical, and practical training in the performing arts;
  • to develop in students an awareness that the performing arts are vital forms of cultural expression that reflect their socio-political contexts;
  • to provide students with a deep understanding of the balance between awareness, thought, imagination and creative expression;
  • to engage students in the creative process as a unique means to develop their self-knowledge as citizens, individuals and passionate artists who can inspire and transform audiences;
  • to prepare students for graduate study, a career in the performing arts, or to apply their knowledge and experience to other fields of endeavor.






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