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Career Planning

American Institute of Biological Sciences
Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Handbook  
Careers in Biology Weblinks from Emporia State University
Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics 
Careers in Marine Science
Careers in Physiology
Explore Health Careers
National Human Genome Research Institute
National Association of Marine Labs
NIH Lifeworks Interviews
Sea Grant Marine Careers
Sloan Foundation Careers in Science, Technology and Medicine
University of TN - What can I do with this degree? - Biological Sciences 
University of TN - What can I do with this degree? - Medical Fields 
University of TN - What can I do with this degree? - Public Health 


Job & Internship Search

Bio and Biotechnology Internship Listing (RIT) 
Biomedical Research and Pre Med Internship postings (RIT) 
BioTech Jobs 
Biology Jobs
BioMedScientist Jobs 
Bio Online Career Center
BIOTECH Career Center
Ecology, Animal & Plant Biology, Marine Science Internships
Government Internship and Fellowship Opportunities in Science
Lankenau Institute for Medical Research Internships 
Maritime Employment Opportunities 
National Association of Marine Labs
National Institutes of Health Internship 
New Scientist Jobs
North Shore - Long Island Jewish Hospital Pre-Med Internship Program
Public Health Jobs
Research Experiences for Undergraduates (National Science Foundation)
ResearchGate Biology Jobs
Research Jobs 
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School  
Science Careers
Science Jobs
Summer Internships in Biology (Columbia)
Summer Undergraduate Research Programs (AMA)
Tiny Tech Jobs 
Location Specific Links
Scientific Employment/Temporary Staffing Agencies
Temporary Staffing Agencies 
Top Job/Internship General Search Sites  
Company Research 


Federal and State 

Biological Sciences Jobs in the Federal Government 
Careers in the USDA  - Agricultural Research 
Federal Job Search
Federal Jobs.Net
Go Government 
Government Jobs
Public Service Careers 
US Department of Health and Human Services 
USA Jobs 


Professional Associations

American Academy of Forensic Science 
American Institute of Biological Sciences: Careers
American Society of Cell Biology
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
American Society of Microbiology
Biology Industry Organization
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Council for the Advancement of Science Writing
International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association
National Institutes of Health
National Wildlife Federation
The National Academies
The Scientist



Pennsylvania BIO

Careers in Biology