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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Fraternities and sororities only about drinking and partying, as seen in movies such as “Animal House” and on news reports?

A: These organizations are value-based dedicated to character, friendship, scholarship, and service. Just because there may be a few bad apples in the national Greek system, does not mean that is the purpose of Greek Life.

Q: Will my grades drop if I join an organization?

A: The simple answer to this is it really depends on you. The fact is that the Greek GPA is higher than the average GPA for Ursinus, as happens in most schools. The Greeks give resources for academic support. Individual members, while organizations may hold them responsible for their grades, are still responsible for using these resources.

Q: Will I be hazed?

A: The school’s stance and the Greek community’s stance on hazing is the same: It is never acceptable and will not be tolerated. Any accounts of hazing will be dealt with seriously on a case by case basis.

Q: How am I able to afford dues? Do you have to be rich to join?

A: Each organization supports itself with their dues. Yes, you will need to pay something, but people who join the Greek community are able to afford this through a number of different outlets, not through solely personal or familial wealth. Organizations may provide payment plans, and sisters and brothers typically take on part-time jobs to fund not only their dues, but also their education and other expenses.

Q: What are the requirements to become a member of a Greek organization at Ursinus?

A: You must be of at least Sophomore standing. Your GPA must be at or above a 2.33, and you must be in good standing with the college. A potential new member must also complete any other requirements set forth by the Advisor to Greek Life.

Q: How can I join?

A: Come out to recruitment events that are held either by the IGC or by the individual organizations. Get to know the members of the organizations outside of events in classes or in organizations. All members are happy to talk about their experience in the Greek system.