My Perspective 

Mark Smedberg (class of 2010)
My time with Ursinus Theater remains one of the highlights of my time at Ursinus. I worked with many amazing actors, directors, and tech folks, including Profs. Scudera and Redman. My favorite memories were of working on an independent directing project with some very talented people and helping to teach an acting class in Graterford State Prison. I look back fondly on my time with Ursinus Theater, and hope that many more theater artists find (and make for themselves) amazing and freeing experiences in the department.

I am currently working with non-profits and Americorps, mainly with at-risk children both in and out of school. I'll be in Little Rock, Arkansas for the 2010-11 year working with City Year.

Tanja Johansson (class of 2010) 
Looking back at my experience in the theatre department, it's a huge span-from doing costumes to being in the Crucible, even dancing in UCDC! For a school production, my Dad who came last year to see me in Jekyll and Hyde, commented on how professionally everything was run. Being in the department for 4 years, I watched lots of people really take on all their roles, whether it was- doing sound or being the lead. The department encouraged everyone to take part in whatever they felt strongest about. And of course, there was my amazing advisor, who I had the pleasure of working with for several productions, Dominic. He has incredible vision as a director, his productions were always the most enjoyable to be a part of, whether you were the lead or only appeared for 2 scenes, you felt valued and fantastic as a member his vision!

I am currently studying this summer at NYU for Film design. Though I have yet to be accepted, my ambitions are to pursue a costume design MA program, whether it is back in London or in the Big Apple. I will be working wardrobe for a children's opera this fall, and planning on taking evening classes in sewing and other practical skills.

Roger Lee (class of 2010)
I had the pleasure of witnessing the Ursinus College Dance Department grow from 2006 to 2010. I fell in love with the caring, talented and nurturing faculty and visiting guest artists. They offer the perfect blend of real world experience, hands-on classroom instruction and stellar performance opportunities. Since graduating this past spring, I have been performing locally in benefit concerts and dance festivals. I also am dancing with SHARP Dance Company in Philadelphia. I have been hired as a Guest Artist for the company’s 2010-11 performance season.

Abbie Cichowski (class of 2010)

I feel so privileged to have been a Theatre major at Ursinus College. Student achievement was fostered by all in the department. Dr. Redman and Professor Scudera are so invested in their students. The technical support here and administrative staff were also supportive of our artistic endeavors. As a student, I had the opportunity to act in six main-stage shows, direct for Breakaway Student Productions, assist with a class at Graterford Prison and complete an Interdisciplinary Honors project in which I wrote, rehearsed, and performed a one-woman autobiographical performance piece, accompanying my thesis. The Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Center became a staple of my college experience, and what a beautiful space to call home! Ursinus Theatre offers aspiring actors a unique blend of academic preparation, practical experience, and overwhelming support. My four years were marked with fond memories of professors, staff and friends who applauded me – on stage and off.

I am currently working for Ursinus, in the office of Development. I cannot wait to see this upcoming year’s performances.

MaryElizabeth Ashley (class of 2012)
It has been such a positive experience working with the Dance Department here at Ursinus. As a double major it can often be difficult to fit in every class but I feel as though the faculty is willing to work with the individual and find a plan that fits for each student. They truly care about their pupils and want them to not only learn material but excel and push themselves in their dancing and creativity. Before coming to Ursinus, I knew of many famous dancers but did not know the background of these intriguing people, so not only did the Dance department and faculty open me up to learning the history behind the movement, they taught me a new way to appreciate dance as an art form. I feel very lucky to also have had the chance to work for the department and become more involved as a student working with staff members. The opportunities that I have been given as a student have been great and I look forward to two more years of being actively involved which is not a luxury that would have been provided, necessarily, if I had attended a rather large university.