Accounts Payable Procedures - Quick Tips

Events in the business world have created increased interest and scrutiny of accounting and business practices.  Our external auditors and our audit committee have increased their vigilance of our practices in the Business Office.  As a result, you may have noticed that we are asking you to provide more documentation and additional approvals when requesting petty cash reimbursements, check requests or invoices for payment.  In an effort to clarify things, here are some reminders about the Business Office Accounts Payable procedures.


Check requests received in the Business Office by Tuesday noon will be included in the next check run (Thursday).  If the check is to be held in the Business Office for pick-up, rather than being mailed directly to the vendor, it will be available after 1:00 p.m. on Thursday.  Please encourage students and others to submit requests in plenty of time for the next check run cycle.


  • The APPROVAL SIGNATURE should be the area budget manager, grant P.I. or the faculty advisor (in the case of student groups).
  • Please MANUALLY SIGN all invoices and check requests; regretfully, our auditors have recommended that the Business Office no longer accept "rubber stamped" signatures.
  • Please DATE both check requests and invoices next to the signature.
  • Please indicate the ACCOUNT NUMBER to be charged.
  • Please indicate the AMOUNT you are approving for payment.  

**PLEASE NOTE**   An individual requesting a reimbursement payable to themselves must obtain the approval of a supervisor or vice president.

For your convenience, the request form is available in both Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF formats.

Check & Petty Cash Request Form  (Excel)

Check & Petty Cash Request Form  (PDF)


Please make and attach any copies you wish to be sent with the check.  Otherwise, only the check will be sent to the vendor.


Effective January 1, 2014, the standard Ursinus College travel reimbursement rate for use of your personal vehicle on College business is now $0.56. Our rate is tied directly to the standard IRS rate. The College's policy is to reimburse for mileage only. We will reimburse employees for gas purchases if the purchase was for a college-owned or leased vehicle. 


Requests under $50 will be reimbursed through petty cash, upon presentation of receipts and proper approvals.

Receipts for petty cash advances should be turned in to the Business Office as soon as possible after the event.


When requesting payment to an individual for services rendered, please provide the individual's social security number and address as completion of a W-9 may be required.  Individuals paid $600 or more for services during the year receive a Form 1099 at year-end; this information is mandated by IRS regulations.

If the individual is an employee of Ursinus College, the payment will be processed with the next payroll cycle. 

If the individual is not a U.S. citizen, please be sure all required documents have been executed in order for the Business Office to process your request for payment.

For questions relating to Accounts Payables policies or procedures, please contact the Associate Controller, Sharon Pearson via email or by phone at extension 3233.