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While there is more to the college experience than getting good grades, UC Greeks recognize that succeeding academically is their top priority. In fact, Greeks at Ursinus College are so committed to academics that they have on average a higher GPA than non-Greeks!

In addition to the time and effort they put into their own coursework, many UC Greeks are dedicated to providing invaluable service in their roles as peer tutors and teaching assistants. This dedication can be seen in Phi Kappa Sigma, a fraternity that hosts a weekly tutoring event that is open to all students from all majors. If an Ursinus student ever needs help studying for a test or completing homework, they won't have to think twice about where to go for peer academic support.

If a member of a Greek organization (or any student on campus) ever finds themselves struggling in a course, the Center for Academic Support in the basement of Myrin Library is an excellent resource.
Spring 2012 Greek Grade Report
Fall 2011 Greek Grade Report


Academic success is an important part of Greek life.

Please e-mail Rebecca Westlake, Academic Chair, with any questions, concerns or suggestions.


All but two of the US Presidents and Vice Presidents since 1825 have been Greek!