Placement Testing

Placement Tests and Surveys must be completed prior to Spring Orientation.  ALL first-year students must complete the Math Survey and the Foreign Language Survey, regardless of course selection. The deadline for completing the surveys and necessary placement tests is May 14.  PLEASE NOTE: Completion of all required surveys and tests is necessary to register for classes at Spring Orientation.  Departments determine course placement prior to Spring Orientation.  Your registration will be delayed if you do not meet the May 14 deadline. 

This information will be essential when you meet with your adviser to discuss your class schedule for fall semester. All students complete a Math Survey and a Foreign Language Survey. Some students, depending on academic interests, also will complete a calculus placement test, chemistry placement test and/or a foreign language placement test.

Foreign Language:  All students will complete a Foreign Language Survey online prior to Spring Orientation.You must take a Foreign Language Placement Test if:

  • You took French, German or Spanish in high school and plan to continue with that language.
    You do not need to take the Foreign Language Placement Test if: 
  • You plan to study a new foreign language or are opting to take Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese or Latin.

Chemistry:  First-year students who plan on taking general chemistry must take both the chemistry placement survey and the general chemistry placement exam.

Math Placement:   Any student who is considering a major that will recommend or require Calculus must complete the online placement test. A student cannot enroll for a calculus class without completing Parts 1 & 2 of the math placement test. 

Taking the Placement Tests:
Placement Testing is done through the Blackboard portal. 

The tests and surveys must be taken using one of the following certified Windows or Mac configurations:

  • Windows: The most recent release of Firefox or Chrome.
  • Mac: Safari 6.0 and the most recent release of Firefox or Chrome.

In order to complete placement testing, you will need the user name and password that is included in the Orientation Letter after you pay your deposit. The deadline for Placement Testing is Wednesday. May 14, 2014. Directions:

  • Click on UC Gateway at the top of the Ursinus College website (
  • Click on Blackboard link under Technology and Tools
  • At login window type in your Ursinus username and password
  • On the bottom right (see screenshot), under the "My Organizations", select "Placement Testing and CIE Readings 2014"
  • Click on the appropriate links on the left navigation to access the tests
  • Click here to begin: Blackboard


If you have questions, please contact the Center for Acadmic Support by phone at 610-409-3400 or by email at