These words are derived from the Educational Philosophy of Ursinus College, as articulated in the college’s course catalogue, and they inspire the theory and practices of the college’s Center for Writing. As the major resource for academic writing on campus, the Center for Writing is dedicated to helping students sufficiently acquire and maintain a firm grasp of academic discourse. As a resource for writing enhancement, the center is also dedicated to enhancing critical, creative and expressive skills while encouraging open, ongoing conversation about those skills. Thus, the Center for Writing is both a supplement to classroom instruction as well as an independent space where students can work on various kinds of written expression.

Regarding classroom supplementation, our writing fellows are trained to work with professors in specific classes to enhance the writing skills of the students. Writing tutors (students who work in the Center for Writing with no responsibility to a particular class) assist students on a wide range of writing issues—some students need not have a connection to a course or curricular project. That is, students can visit the Center for Writing to work on enhancing their general rhetorical skills.

Both tutors and fellows are officially trained in a semester-long course on writing and tutoring theory and practice. Students are generally trained to offer assistance with every aspect of the writing process (including grammar, punctuation and spelling) but are primarily encouraged to pay special attention to clarity of thought, organization and innovation.

The Center for Writing also serves as a space for workshops, lectures, study groups, and presentations on writing, rhetoric and pedagogy. Thus, the center is an excellent resource for the needs of both students and faculty who want to hone their rhetorical and/or pedagogical skills. The Center for Writing, in both its supplemental and empowering roles, is here to assist the college in accomplishing its mission to provide a stellar liberal arts education.