student employment - campus safety

campus safety dispatcher

Dispatcher's provide clerical and customer service assistance within the Campus Safety Office throughout the academic year. They play a critical role in emergency communication and response.

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following areas:

Communication Center - Receive and triage phone calls; Dispatch safety officers utilizing two-way radio system; Notify emergency, Student Life, and other campus personnel, as necessary.
Records Management - Maintain duty log; Document medical dispatch information on UCEMS forms.
Medical Assistance - Coordinate UCEMS pager and radio distribution; Page UCEMS and/or call county EMS; Notify emergency or campus personnel, as necessary.
Fire & Alarm Dispatch
Community Assistance - Maintain and facilitate office programs, including: Vehicle Registration; Lost & Found; UC Bike Share; Room Lockouts; Auto Assists; Visitor Registration; Snow shovel check-out; Other seasonal programs, as necessary (i.e., Homecoming, Commencement registration).
Programming -Coordinate and facilitate one safety awareness program per semester.

Event Staff

Event staff members will coordinate parking and crowd control for athletic events and other large activities on campus. Staff members must be prepared to work in adverse weather conditions and stay for the duration of the event, when necessary.

  • Work a minimum of 5 hours/shift as a member of the UC Event Staff
  • Coordinate parking throughout campus, making sure vehicles are not parked in fire lanes and/or blocking exits.
  • Assist with crowd control during special events.
  •  Act as a Customer Service representative for Ursinus.
  • Assist guests and visitors with finding buildings/locations for on-campus events.
  • Provide golf cart escort to elderly or handicapped guests, as needed.
  • Assist Campus Safety Officers and Facilities Staff personnel with other duties as needed.
  • Must be available for the majority of home football games.