Student Employment - Mellon Teaching & Learning initiative

Mellon Teaching and Learning Initiative Student Consultant

Student consultants work with faculty partners throughout a semester to provide constructive feedback and suggest techniques to improve a course. They are responsible for attending an initial training program, and once paired with faculty, are required to attend biweekly meetings and discuss the progress of their observations. Once students are partnered with faculty members, it is their responsibility to set up an initial meeting time to get to know the professor and discuss preliminary information about the course the student will be observing. During observations in the classroom, consultants are required to write up observations notes that include reflection comments formatted in the template designated by Prof. Goldsmith. After observing a class, the student consultant will hold a follow-up meeting with the instructor to discuss how the class went and make some general comments and suggestions as to how the professor (with the assistance from the consultant ) could make the class most effective. Constant and open communication between student consultant and faculty partners are required. The position is best suited for students with good analytical skills who are interested in seeking an opportunity that will allow them to provide feedback in the educational process and gain new perspectives on pedagogical methods.

Students must submit two faculty recommendations and a peer recommendation, a one-page discussion of why the student wishes to be a consultant, and an updated resume. Students should contact directly for more information.
Salary: $250 stipend during training semester; 8.50/hour for full-time partners.