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UC men's volleyball

The Ursinus College Men's Volleyball Club provides an opportunity for Ursinus students to become involved in a club sport that is part of a competitive multi-college conference. The purpose of this organization is to allow Ursinus students to learn about and play volleyball on a regular basis and become part of a team atmosphere. Our organization also participates in the Mid-Atlantic Club Volleyball Conference (MACVC) and in the spring semester we play other college club volleyball teams in our division. The Ursinus Men's Club Volleyball team is open to any male student at Ursinus, who wants to come play volleyball in a competitive environment. We meet weekly for practices and in the spring semester usually have games once each weekend for the majority of the semester.


Josh Wonsidler, President
Anthony Skedzielewski, Vice-President
Nick Ferrante, Treasurer
Greg Richards, Secretary


Diana McNamee Clavin