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Ursinus College utilizes an emergency notification system, administered by the Montgomery County, PA Department of Public Safety. This system will instantly and simultaneously distribute brief messages in situations posing imminent physical threats to the college community. By using Short Messaging System (SMS) technology, the system can convey messages to registered mobile phones, Blackberries, wireless PDAs, smart phones and satellite phones even in times when traditional phone and e-mail networks are congested due to increased volume.

In order to benefit from this new service, you must register your cell phone with Montgomery County Ready Notify PA.

To register:

  • Make sure you have your cell phone on hand
  • Go to https://montco.alertpa.org (NOTE: there is no "WWW"). This will take you to the Montgomery County Roam Secure (RSAN) page.
  • Click on "New User" on the left of the screen.
  • Follow all instructions to create a new user name and password.
  • Click through each screen to be sure you are following all steps.
  • NOTE: In order to receive alerts from the "Ursinus College" Group, you must select it from the "Colleges, Schools and Universities" category.

Click here for step by step directions to sign up for notifications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA?

Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA is a system that helps local officials in Southeastern Pennsylvania send emergency text alerts and other notifications to you quickly. Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA can send these to your cell phone, pager, BlackBerry, PDA and/or E-mail account. Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA is a Ready Region service provided by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force and the emergency management coordinators of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

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2. How do I sign up?

Sign up at https://montco.alertpa.org.

3. What types of alerts will be sent?

You will receive alerts regarding emergencies at Ursinus College or in Montgomery County, PA. You may also choose to get other alert options available in your county, such as weather, transportation delays and crime information.

4. What is a Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA account?

Your Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA account is a record that contains your contact information, such as your name, cell phone numbers and E-mail addresses where you would like to receive emergency alerts and other messages. You control this information and can change it at any time.

5. How many devices and E-mail addresses can I sign up?

You can add as many devices and E-mail addresses to your Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA account as you need to. Alerts can be sent to all devices listed in your account.

6. How does Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA work?

When you set up your account, you choose the way you want to get alerts. In an emergency, Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA will send you an E-mail message or text message to your cell phone, BlackBerry or pager. Read these messages right away and follow the instructions.

More instructions may be sent during the emergency, so keep your devices near you.

7. Who sends the alerts?

Only Ursinus College Emergency Management personnel will send alerts to the Ursinus community. Local officials in Montgomery County will send the alerts for county and state emergencies. Alerts may be sent to everyone or groups of individuals, depending on the alert type.

8. Will my cell phone work?

Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA uses the text messaging feature of your cell phone to deliver alerts. The alerts come across like a page on a pager. ALL cell phone carriers and paging companies offer text messaging. Nearly all phones purchased within the past few years can get text alerts. If you are unsure about your phone, contact your carrier to ask about getting text messages.

9. How do I prevent SPAM filters from blocking my alerts?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use different methods to stop unwanted E-mail (junk mail or spam) from being delivered to users' mailboxes. Sometimes, Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA alerts may not be received if they are flagged as spam. Each ISP has different steps you should take to make sure that alerts get delivered to your mailbox. If you think that your provider may have spam filters in place, make sure you add alertpa.org to your address book or safe list so that alerts will reach you.

10. What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, please visit https://montco.alertpa.org. On the left side of the web page you will find a Send Password link. Click Send Password and the system will ask you to enter your E-mail address so it can send your password to you.

11. Will this service cost me anything?

It is free to sign up for Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA, and you can choose the types of alerts you want to get. Your wireless carrier may charge you a fee to get messages on your cell phone or wireless device. Contact your carrier to find out how much these messages may cost you with your current plan. You can choose to stop getting messages at any time.

12. What times of day will alerts be sent?

Emergencies can happen at any time and it is our goal to send you critical information as quickly as possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

13. I am still having trouble. Whom can I contact?

If you are still having trouble, email the Montgomery County Help Desk: eocwatchdesk@montcopa.org .

14. How can I prepare for emergencies?

For more information about what to do during an emergency, visit www.ReadyRegion.org .


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