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The American Bar Association, the Law School Admissions Council and the Association of Pre Law Advisers have consistently maintained that the best preparation that an undergraduate student may receive for law school is in a curriculum of the liberal arts with emphasis on reading, writing and reasoning. It is just this curriculum that is at the heart of the Ursinus ideal and which permeates the entire academic program at Ursinus.

As a pre-law student you have the opportunity to pursue your undergraduate degree in whatever major/majors that you desire. Ursinus concurs with the position of the ABA and thus does not offer a major or minor in pre-law. Ursinus is a leader in offering a multi-faceted pre-legal program ranging from intense advising and LSAT preparation to curricular offerings. In February 2011 the pre-legal program was centralized by the creation of the Ursinus College Pre-Legal Center charged with the expansion of the existing program and with the formulation and execution of new initiatives to support our pre-law students.


Our offices are located in Bomberger Hall
2nd Floor

Dr. Houghton Kane

Assoc. Prof. of Politics
Rm. 215

James Baer, Esq.