Each sophomore, junior or senior who identifies to Ursinus as pre-law is assigned a pre-law adviser in addition to their regular academic adviser. Your interest in pre-law should be directed to Dr. Houghton Kane. Dr. Kane is the primary pre-law adviser and is assisted by Jim Baer, Attorney-in-Residence, Carla Rinde, Director of Career Services and faculty members Dr. Robert Dawley, Dr. Carol Dole, Dr. Gerard Fitzpatrick, Dr. Dallett Hemphill, Dr. Richard King and Dr. Heather O’Neil.

Mr. Baer has primary responsibility for first year students who identify as pre-law. Your interest in pre-law should be directed to Mr. Baer or Dr. Kane. Mr. Baer, Dr. Kane and Mrs. Rinde interact with each junior and senior as you prepare for the LSAT and the application to law school including the personal statement and the letters of recommendation.