As a pre-law student it is recommended that regardless of your major that you enroll in 12 semester hours of case law based classes, the accepted method of teaching in most law school classes. This commitment to the curricular side of the pre-legal program is well regarded by law schools as an strong indication of the student’s interest in pursuing a career in the law.

For over fifty years there has been a tradition at Ursinus that pre-law students be offered a course in Constitutional Law. That subject is presently under the tutelage of Dr. Fitzpatrick, Politics 321 and 322 Constitutional Interpretation. Dr. Kane and Mr. Baer teach Law and Society, Politics 328. Dr. Kane teaches Environmental Law, Politics 326. Dr. Kane and Mr. Baer teach Business Law in the American Legal System Politics 399. Mr. Baer teaches Property Politics 399 and Mr. Baer, Mrs. Karen Guilmette and Dr. Kane teach Legal Writing and Argument (Moot Court), Politics 320.