Welcome Week is your introduction to life at Ursinus College. Beginning with Move-in Day on Thursday, August 21, the Residence Life staff will help you get acquainted with Ursinus College programs, with the campus and with each other. Our football team will help unload and UC ambassadors will answer questions and assist wherever they can. Through a full schedule of academic, social, service and ceremonial activities, you will begin your life as an Ursinus College student. Get ready for what promises to be a life-changing experience.


Featured Events:

Thursday, Aug. 21st Friday, Aug. 22nd Saturday, Aug. 23rd Sunday, Aug. 24th

New Student Move-In
Parent Reception
Picnic Dinner

Late Night Lower
Hypnotist Keith Karkut 

First CIE Course
Michael Kent
Matrix - The Viewing


Service Projects
Target Run
Candlelight Dinner
Semiformal Dance


Upper Class Move-In
All Campus Picnic

Bear For Life