General Information

Each new student will be assigned a keyed mailbox and a permanent Mail Stop Code (MSC) number. Returning students keep their previous numbers. Students will keep the same mail key throughout the years, returning the key at the termination of the student’s college career.

Student mailboxes are located outside of Wismer Hall, directly outside of Zack’s, adjacent to the Love Statue, and are accessible 24 hours a day. Mail is sorted to the boxes Monday through Friday, and normally, all mail is sorted by late afternoon each day. Inclusion of Name and MSC number on all letters and packages is an integral part of the timely delivery of these items. Mail is delayed without an MSC number. Please note: There is no weekend mail or package service.

If students lose the mailbox key, contact Facilities Services at 610-409-3598, extension 3598 for a replacement key as soon as possible. The mailroom encourages students to check mailboxes at least one time per week.

The Ursinus College Mail Center is located in the Facilities Services Building, off of Fifth Ave, near the tall smoke stack. To directly contact the Mailroom, use extension 3483, or e-mail at The Mail Center is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:15 P.M.

Inbound Mail & Packages

All mail received Monday through Friday will be sorted to mail boxes by 5:00 PM the same day.

When a student receives a package, Mail Services sends a notification e-mail. To obtain the package, go to the Mail Center and present the Ursinus College I.D, which is scanned as proof of receipt of your package. If you arrive for the package, and do not have your Ursinus I.D., the student must have a photo I.D., such as a Driver’s License. Students will also be asked to sign as receipt of the package, if students do not have an Ursinus I.D.

Small packages will be sent to the Student Mail Room. Please note that the package may not be in the mail box until 5:00 PM the day it is received. Students will receive a package notification e-mail for any packages sent to the Student Mail Room that have a tracking number. Tracking number confirmation for the United States Postal Service (USPS) may indicate a package has been “delivered”. However, for the USPS, “Delivery” indicates that the package has been delivered to the Collegeville Post Office. Because Mail Services receives mail and packages only one time per day (8:00 A.M.), Ursinus may not be in possession of a student’s package until the next day.

If students have been notified about receiving an important or costly package or mail, Mail Services recommends that you use a guaranteed shipping service such as United Parcel Services (UPS) or Federal Express (FedEx). If students choose to use the U.S. Postal Service, please consider the usage of “Signature Confirmation” in order to assure safe receipt of the package. See “Package and Mail Liability” policy below for further information.

Outbound Mail & Packages

Although Mail Services does not sell stamps, Ursinus can apply postage to outgoing mail. However, Outbound Parcels may be shipped as well, but students should have the parcel ready for shipment prior to the Mail Center. The Mail Center cannot package items for students. Please limit package weight to 50 pounds. The Collegeville Post Office-located at W. 3rd St.-can ship packages weighing between 50 and 70 pounds. The Office does not ship via UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

Outbound International Package Shipments

(This policy applies to packages weighing between 4 and 44 pounds. A simple customs form may be required for packages weighing less than 4 pounds).

  • Mail Services uses the USPS (The Post Office) for international shipping.
  • All packages will be shipped by USPS International Priority Mail.
  • Insurance is not available through Ursinus College Mail Services.
  • Please come to Mail Services at least 2 days in advance of shipment in order to obtain the necessary forms and labels.
  • All customs forms and address labels must be completed when package(s) is/are delivered to the Mail Center for shipment.
  • Packages must be sealed and ready for shipment upon arrival.
  • Packages must not weigh more than 44 pounds.
  • Please schedule a time with Mail Services for the delivery of the packages to the Mail Center for shipment. To do so, please stop by the Mail Center, or call extension 3483.
  • Payment is due at the time of mailing, by cash or check.

Failure to comply with these procedures will result in a delay in the shipment of the packages. The U.S. Post Office located on Third Ave offers full-service international shipping, including insurance options.

Address Formats

For mail and postal packages:
(Student name) MSC# (Student number) Ursinus College
P.O. Box 8000
Collegeville, PA 19426-8000

For UPS, Fed. Ex., etc.:
(Student name) MSC# (Student number)
Ursinus College
601 E. Main St.
Collegeville, PA 19426-8000

Intra-Campus Mail

If students wish to send mail to faculty, staff, or other students, the student should use intra-campus mail system. To do so, deliver the mail to the Mail Center or to a departmental secretary. All student mail must include the student’s name and MSC number. If students have numerous pieces of student mail to send, sort them numerically, and place a rubber band around them. Mass-distributions (like-items for each mail box) are no longer sorted to student mail boxes. Mass distributions may be placed on the Distribution Table in Lobby B, Wismer Hall. After one week, please remove and properly dispose of such items.

Perishable food items will not be sorted to student mail boxes.

Mail intended for faculty or staff should be addressed with the person’s name and the department where that person receives his or her mail.

Mail Forwarding (First Class Mail and Magazines Only)

Mail is forwarded to the student’s home address during winter and Summer Vacations. If students would like the mail forwarded somewhere other than the home address or on Campus during break, notify us the Mail Center by calling extension 3483. The change is valid only for that specific break.

All mail being “held” during Winter Vacation (Spring Break and Thanksgiving Recess mail is not forwarded, and is “held” here as well) is sorted to the student mail boxes each day. Summer “hold” mail must be picked up at the Mail Center.

Please note that any mail sent to your home address by Ursinus College will continue to be sent to that address.

For students with international addresses, the first class mail will be forwarded to the home address during Summer Vacation. Winter Vacation mail will be held on Campus until the students return.

Students studying abroad will be automatically forwarded mail to the home address.

For graduates and those not returning to Ursinus, mail will be forwarded for up to 6 months. Magazines will be forwarded for 2 months as per USPS regulations. Please notify regular mail and magazine senders of the new address as soon as possible!



  • Include the name and MSC # on all of mail and packages.
  • Use Signature Confirmation (tracking) on packages sent via USPS.
  • Visit mail boxes regularly.
  • Show the Ursinus College ID and package slip when picking up packages.
  • Request a guaranteed delivery service such as UPS or Fed Ex when ordering or receiving important or costly packages or mail.


  • Send or receive cash through the mail.
  • Request Saturday or Sunday delivery of packages or mail (Those services are not available).
  • Conduct a business through the Ursinus Mail Center (Please use the Collegeville Post Office located only a few blocks away on Third Ave).
  • Shove anything back into the mail box in order to push it into the Student Mail Room.
  • Use the US Post Office for delivery of important or costly packages or mail. (Use Fed Ex, UPS, etc. instead)

Mail and Package Responsibility Policy

Ursinus College Mail Services’ goal is to provide efficient and satisfactory service to our customers. Our guideline is to have mail sorted to mailboxes by 5:00 P.M. every day. All packages are available upon completion of inbound processing.

In order to assure timely receipt of mail and packages, please use the proper address formats (see Address Formats above). The Office fully expects to deliver every piece of mail to mailboxes, and have each package available for pickup at the Mail Center. The Office can guarantee receipt of only those mail pieces and packages addressed properly and with a delivery signature attached. Examples of such services are: Federal Express (FedEx), UPS, DHL, U.S. Postal Service-Signature Confirmation, U.S. Postal Service-