Ellen Matthews

Director of Tutoring and Disability Services
Center for Academic Support

Assistant Dean
Ellen Matthews

In 1992, Ellen Matthews first taught mathematics at Ursinus in the evening school and eventually taught courses as a lecturer in mathematics in both the day and evening programs.  In 2003 she became a full time administrator as the Dean of Continuing Education in charge of the entire evening program.

Ms. Matthews has been involved in education since starting as a high school mathematics teacher in 1969.  It was as a teacher she began to recognize the many learning styles of her students and became interested in disability issues.  In February of 2007 she was asked to take on directing the Disability Services on the Ursinus campus.

Ms. Matthews holds a BA in mathematics from Beloit College and an MAT in mathematics from University of North Carolina.  She attends regular workshops on Disability Services through the University of Connecticut Post Secondary Disability Training Institute.  Hobbies include singing, reading, costuming, baking and best of all grandchildren.

Ms. Matthews says, “It is exciting to see students grow and mature in college and know that I can contribute to helping them succeed.”